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See 5 Ways To Use A Vibrating Wand!

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Magic wands are so versatile for so many pleasurable things!  They truly are great on sore muscles like the neck or back – and who doesn’t like a great massage?  Also they are one of the most powerful vibrators that I have ever used!  Sure, they are not marketed as “a vibrator” but trust me they ARE!  So whether you have a magic wand massager already or are contemplating buying one, let me give you 5 ways to use your magic massager!

3 Ways To Have A G-Spot Orgasm

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Having a G-Spot orgasm is an experience that any woman would want to have and repeat.  And repeat.  AND repeat.  It is a feeling unlike any other – whole body intensity.  It is not always to achieve one, but having a G-Spot orgasm is definitely something worth striving for!  Here are 3 methods that can help you along!

3 Ways To Have Sex Outdoors

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Who says that sex has to always be indoors?  It doesn’t!  Show your lover just how hot he/she makes you by suggesting a little outdoor lovin’.  Experimenting with places you could possibly get caught can be exhilarating and super sexy and, just being outside with nature, is its own special thrill!

5 Ways To Use A Finger Vibrator

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Finger vibrators are truly neat little devices that put some vibratory power right ON your fingertips!  There are many different types and styles to choose from.  Anyway you look at it, or whichever you choose, finger vibrators are fun and flirty devices that can totally change up your foreplay, sex or solo play.

3 Ways to Use A Waterproof Toy In The Shower


Did you know that there are a collection of incredible adult toys that are completely waterproof?  They’ve got these amazing seals and when you close ‘em up nice and snug, you can get wet and wild!  Haven’t tried taking your new vibe in the shower yet?  Fear not!  Here are three erotic, orgasmic, and very wet ways to use a waterproof toy in the shower!