Best Beginner Vibes

August 15, 2018
If you are new to sex toys, choosing your first might be difficult. They range in size, shape, texture, and power. Four of Pink B.O.B.'s top beginner vibrators are listed below. Try one today! Clic...
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Best Massage Wands

August 03, 2018
Massage wands are great for a variety of uses. Massage your sore muscles after a long day at work or after a hard workout. Let your partner give you a sensual body massage. Add an attachment to mak...
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Dual Action Vibrators

August 02, 2018
Dual action vibrators provide dual stimulation. They have an external clitoral stimulator to provide vibrations directly to your clit and an internal stimulator. The internal portion can rotate, vi...
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Male Toys

August 01, 2018
When most people think of sex toys, they think of vibrators and dildos for women; however, there is a whole array of toys for men as well! There are many toys designed for men, including prostate m...
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Big Dildos

August 01, 2018
These big dildos aren't for beginners! The dildos listed below are long and thick, perfect for experienced sex toy users or anyone who likes a huge dildo!  Click Here to see all Pink B.O.B. Dildos ...
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Cock Rings

July 27, 2018
If you want to last longer during sex, try using a cock ring! Cock rings are designed to be placed at the base of the penis, and in some cases, over the testicles as well! This will restrict blood ...
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Anal Plug Kits

July 26, 2018
Pink B.O.B.'s anal plug kits are great for beginners and experienced users alike! The plugs in these kits vary in size, so beginners can start with smaller plugs and work their way up to larger one...
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Best Strap-On Harnesses

July 25, 2018
Strap-ons are an exciting addition to any couple's toy collection. These harnesses can be used with any harness-compatible dildo for anal pegging or vaginal penetration. Try one out today!  Click H...
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