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5 Positions To Help You Orgasm TOGETHER


While an orgasm is an orgasm, it is a really fun and satisfying thing to actually orgasm together!  This is not an easy feat – timing mutual orgasms – but it can be done, especially if your partner (woman) can have multiple orgasms.  Here are a few tricks to help you and your partner climax at the same time!

3 Tips To Have MORE INTENSE Orgasms

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Ah, the orgasm!  The culmination of sexual stimulation resulting in an extremely pleasurable release of hormones, contraction of muscles and a feeling of ultimate pleasure!  Orgasms are “the goal” of sexual stimulation – even though the stimulation in and of itself feels amazing.  There are a few tried and true methods to increase the intensity of your orgasm.

5 Tips For Stronger Kegel Muscles

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Your Kegel muscles are the muscles that help support the pelvic floor, uterus, rectum and bladder.  Having stronger Kegel muscles is essential not only for good feminine health but also aids in having stronger and more frequent orgasms.  Read on to discover 5 ways you can strengthen these muscles!

3 Naughty Things Couples Can Do In The Shower

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Taking a shower with your partner is a wonderful way to get clean – and dirty – together. The close-space forces you to brush up against each other, the warm water provides a relaxing haven for you to massage each other, and the best part – you are both NAKED! There are many things you can do together in the shower – here are just 3!

3 Things EVERY Woman Needs In Her Bedroom

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Women are planners.  We like to be prepared for every situation.  So, it stands to follow that there are some basics that every woman should have in her bedroom.  While our little secret “sex drawers” may be filled with a variety of items, there are many items that are must haves for all women.  Find out what they are here!