Vibrating Penis Extender

$ 15.95
  • Adds 1.5" to your penis length
  • Increases your girth
  • Realistic texture

The Vibrating Penis Extender has a vibrating bullet in the tip to stimulate your penis and your partner as you insert yourself! This extension will add 1.5" to your penis length and will thicken your girth as well! Slide the loop over your testicles to secure the extension on your penis. The realistic texture of the extension makes it feel just like your penis- your partner won't know there is anything between you! 

Total Length: 7"
Diameter: 1.4" 
Extension: 1.5"
Batteries: None
Material: TPR
Firmness: Soft
Flexibility: Very Flexible
Noise Level: No Motor
Compatible Lube: Water Based

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