3 Tips For Greater Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris (a/k/a the clit) is a woman’s pleasure hot spot!  Located outside, at the tip of her vaginal canal, usually a bit hidden under the clitoral hood, the clit is the epicenter of all that feels amazing!  Having thousands of nerve endings, the clit is more sensitive than the entire head of the penis – and it is only a few centimeters in size!  Amazing, right?  So, it should not be any surprise that stimulating the clit brings about the greatest pleasure for a woman – and, often – orgasms!

Toys For Clitoral Stimulation

1.  BUZZWORTHY:  It really should be no surprise that using a toy – such as a bullet or vibrator – on your clitoris would provide more intense clitoral stimulation.  Most women use their fingers first, then maybe move on to rubbing against pillows or the ever popular hairbrush handle.  Then, as they become sexually active, a lover’s fingers or tongue become the primary modes of clitoral stimulation.  While all of these things are wonderful ways to achieve clitoral stimulation, vibrating toys are a powerful alternative that will add something “extra” to clitoral stimulation.  Many women report being able to achieve multiple orgasms when using a buzzing buddy – now isn’t that reason enough to try?


2.  CLITORAL CREAMS:  You seriously have got to love all the inventors who focus on increasing sexual pleasure!  Sometimes items are developed to help women achieve a more “normal” sexual response that may be dulled due to menopause, hormone drops, medicinal side-affects or other issues.  These clitoral creams help women achieve greater arousal – and greater sexual satisfaction – by helping the blood flow to the clitoris, creating a more intense level of arousal.  When women use these products who do not have a physical requirement to do so, the result is a much more intense stimulation affect.  The extra engorgement of blood causes the clit to become extremely sensitive and receptive to all sort of sexual stimulation.  So, if you would like to up your game when it comes to clitoral stimulation, try out one of the many clitoral creams or gels available and take it to the next level.


3:  HIDE AND FIND:  This one may seem sort of like common sense, but the truth is not everyone is as comfortable with their own bodies as others.  The clitoris is nestled somewhat safely underneath a small, thin patch of skin called “the clitoral hood.”  When the vaginal area – and clitoris – are stimulated, the clit peeks out from under this hood.  Sometimes it takes a bit more to get the clit to come out and play.  When this is the case, pulling the clitoral hood up and away from the clit is a great way to get greater stimulation.  Whether you are playing solo or with a partner, the easiest way to do this is to simply “spread” the skin a bit so that it becomes tight.  Then, use whatever method (fingers, tongue, toys) to stimulate the clitoris.  The stretching of the skin – or the pulling back completely of the hood – will provide direct access to the clit and thereby greater and more intense stimulation.