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Positions To Give Him The Best Orgasm

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This guide is specifically for men and sex positions that will give him more incredible stimulation and explosive climaxes. While sexual positions should be fun and satisfying for both parties, we are going to focus on the best positions to drive him wild!

5 Places To Have Sex Outside The Bedroom

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Kissing Couple In BedHaving sex outside of the bedroom is a great way to spice up a humdrum sex life, which means more intense pleasure and satisfaction for you and your lover! Where should you go? Keep reading to find out!

5 Things She Can Do While On Top

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Attractive Erotic Couple Having SexBeing on top gives you a greater range of motion and more flexibility compared to being on bottom during sex. When you are a woman on top, you have more control over the pleasure you and your lover experience. So, what should you do with this excess power? Keep reading to find out!

5 Bondage Tips For Beginners

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Sexy Woman Holding Bondage CuffsBondage sex is incredibly hot and fulfilling, especially if you have erotic fantasies and desires! Follow these tips for first-time bondage sex to ensure you and your partner have a fun time and are totally satisfied in the end.

Best Sex Toys For Couples!

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Kinky HandcuffsThese toys are specifically designed to help you and your lover have better, more fulfilling lovemaking sessions.  From male enhancement to bondage gear, here are some of the best toys for couples!