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5 BEST Anal Toys For Women!

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Silicone Butt PlugAnal toys are perfect for women who want to spice up masturbation, foreplay, and sex!  They come in a variety of stimulating shapes, sizes, and textures to satisfy your desires.  Whether you are a beginner just starting out or you are looking to add to your erotic collection, here are 5 of the best anal toys for women!

Why You Should Try Anal Sex

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sexy couples anal sexAnal sex.  Do those 2 little words make you cringe in anticipation of pain?  Or, perhaps those 2 little words excite you and you wish you could make your girlfriend understand that it really isn’t going to hurt. Anal sex, while today more “the norm” as far as sex play goes, is still a fairly awkward topic for many couples. So, why should you try anal sex?

3 Ways To Enjoy Anal

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Since anal play has become such a hot topic, more women and couples are curious about it and interested in giving it a try.  There are many different ways you can indulge in the many pleasurable thrills of the fanny, and today, we are going to talk about three.

5 Ways To Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer is a disease that affects 1 of every 7 men and usually strikes after age 45.  With proper diagnosis and treatment it has a high rate of survival, but too many men still die from this disease.  Are there any ways to prevent prostate Cancer?  Unfortunately there is no 100 % guarantee of prevention, but there are well documented methods to helping to reduce the risk.