Sex Toy Maintenance

Around the Office

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Do you ever wonder what it is like at an office/warehouse that sells sex toys? Well, here's a brief look at our office/warehouse here in Amherst, NH!  _______________________________________________ Our office is like any other office, except there are sex toys all around. We have a customer service department, fulfillment department, and marketing department. We are ready for the holidays! We have Yankee Swap gifts wrapped and placed under the tree and stockings hung. We celebrate every holiday in some way. We have a breakroom with a fully stocked kitchen. Right now, Christmas movies are playing on Netflix and we have magazines...

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Sex Toys

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Proper toy cleaning can have a positive impact on both the toy and your body. Cleaning your toys with the proper techniques and soaps will extend the life of your toy, and ensure that it’s always ready to use when you want it next!

Sex Toy Materials

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vibrating bullet sex toy
They are different shapes, sizes, prices and, most importantly, are made from different materials!  If you are like most sex toy owners, you will have a variety of different toys made from different materials.  Here is a guide to sex toy materials.

The Ultimate Lube Guide

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Woman Under Covers SexyLubricants are not one-size-fits-all though, and you need to know which lubricants are to be used in which situation. Also, certain lubricants cannot be used with certain toy materials.  In short:  know your lubes.