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How To Successfully 69

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69 oral sex couplesThe 69 is a favorite foreplay position for many couples, but is not always as easy to achieve as you may think.  In fact, there are many couples who give up on it before they achieve the bliss and pleasure that is the 69!  So, if you want to get your 69 on and need some tips, read on.

3 Things That Will Ease Your Partner Into Deepthroating

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Deepthroating is when, during a blowjob, you allow your penis to slide down your lover's throat as deeply as you can.  If this sounds scary and a bit uncomfortable to your partner, don't worry!  This article will address some sure fire tips to help you and her ease into deepthroating.  By taking extra care to make sure her experience is comfortable and non-traumatic, she'll be more willing to do it and even enjoy it!

3 Ways To Make Her Want To Give You Head

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We know that giving a blowjob may not be your lover's favorite thing.  I know the men out there REALLY appreciate the act, but how well does she know that?  Maybe that's why she is reluctant to give you head on more occasions than your birthday!  If you want her to be more willing to give you head, you need to show her just how crazy it makes you!  So, here are three ways to make her WANT to give you head!