3 Ways to Use A Waterproof Toy In The Shower

Did you know that there are a collection of incredible adult toys that are completely waterproof?  They’ve got these amazing seals and when you close ‘em up nice and snug, you can get wet and wild!  Haven’t tried taking your new vibe in the shower yet?  Fear not!  Here are three erotic, orgasmic, and very wet ways to use a waterproof toy in the shower!

The experience of playing with vibrations and/or penetration during shower time is vastly different than the same old bedroom romp.  Why?  Because you’re standing up!  Instead of curling up in the covers, the shower lets you stand up and feel, well, free!  You’re completely in the buff, you’ve got yummy suds all over your body, and you can touch everywhere! 
Experience the appeal of standing and pleasuring yourself!  Place a foot on a shelf and try a new position with your vibrator.  Bend forward and let the water run down your back.  Lean back against the cool tiles and up your arousal while you rub your toy over your erogenous zones.  Whatever position you can think of, you can stretch, bend, and contour in the shower to make it work!.  When you invite your waterproof toy to participate in the fun, the opportunities for orgasm are endless!

2.  TAKE IT TO THE FLOOR: You may think that laying down in the tub is restricted to bath time, but it’s not!  There’s something extra sensual about laying in the tub with the shower on.  Adjust the temperature so the water is nice and hot (remember it cools down by the time it gets to the tub) and let the shower rain down on your body like a thousand fingertips!  Feel each droplet touching you, teasing your sensitive skin, and dripping off while you become more and more aroused.  Whether you like external stimulation or prefer to penetrate like sex with your toys, it’s easy and incredible when you’re laying in the tub!  When you just can’t stand it anymore, grab your vibrator and erupt into orgasm!    You know those stereotypical romance movies where couples kiss in the rain?  This is SO much better than that!

Best Waterproof Sex Toys

3.  RELAAAX:  One of the draws to using a waterproof toy in the shower is the deep relaxation it provides.  Think about it - your muscles are loosened, you’re alone and relieved from any pressures of the day, and you have a moment to really enjoy yourself!  Washing yourself, taking time to breathe, and letting yourself feel pleasure in the shower, is very therapeutic for women - especially those who have trouble orgasming because of stress.  The next time you’re due for a shower, load up your toy with fresh batteries, seal it tight, and bring it in with you!  Really focus on how the shower makes your body feel - whether its a hot sauna in the winter or a refreshing oasis in the summer.  Then focus on relaxation and sensation.  What does the water feel like on your body?  Let your imagination run wild!  Take deep breaths and while your mind wanders, increase the sensation with your waterproof toy!  How does the vibe feel different when it’s warm and wet?  Enjoy your “me time”!  The results will be an incredible orgasm and full body bliss!

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