5 Ways To Use Kegel Balls For Pleasure

Kegel Balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, are weighted balls that a woman inserts into her vagina in order to strengthen her vaginal (PC) muscles. These balls come in silver, silicone, plastic, weighted, non-weighted, larger, smaller and even vibrating. While the overall purpose of Kegel balls is to improve vaginal muscle tone, they are often used to provide erotic enticements and can, in some women, render orgasms! So if you are toying with the idea of using some Kegel balls for fun, read on and find just a few ways how.

1. HORNY HOUSEWORK: There are always things we need to do around the house – cleaning, vacuuming, dusting – and they are all rather blah. So, why not make them a little less so by adding in some Kegel ball play at the same time? One of the things that make Kegel balls pleasurable is that they move around inside the vagina as you move around. So, if you are going to be doing dishes, dusting or moving the vacuum around wouldn’t it be more fun to get your Kegel on? Who knows, you may actually come to love doing housework!

2. PUBLIC PLAYING: It may seem a little radical, but inserting your Kegel balls into your vagina before you go out on a date or to dinner can be an extremely arousing experience! There is no real fear that they will fall on the floor as long as you wear panties and the constant rubbing of them inside of you while you go about your dating business is sure to throw you into extreme arousal! You may be squirming in your seat a bit but the pleasure will be well worth it.

Pink B.O.B. Kegel Balls

3. ADD TO ORAL: It is no secret that women orgasm more intensely when a little insertion is added to oral sex. Pushing Kegel balls into your vagina before your partner goes down on you is the perfect way to add some fullness to your foreplay. As you squirm and wiggle underneath the talented tongue of your lover, those balls will seduce your insides. Then, when it is time to orgasm clenching against the balls will make the pleasure that much more intense!

4. THE KEGEL VIBE: Perhaps you find yourself without a partner at the moment – this is no reason to not have the experience of playing with Kegel balls during foreplay. Simply insert those balls into your vagina before playing with your favorite bullet or vibrator – and enjoy the sense of fullness that they provide while teasing your clit. Just remember to try and keep them inside you – this way you are getting your Kegel exercises in while you are playing.

5. LAZY PLAY: Perhaps you are lying in bed, feeling a little aroused. You are all alone and have some time to kill. You insert your Kegel Balls and simply squeeze your PC muscles around them. It is a lazy exercise designed to strengthen your muscles but also to cause arousal. You will notice yourself getting very wet – and this is good. Keep on practicing and see if you can squeeze your way to an orgasm!
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