Learn 10 Ways To Use A Vibrating Bullet!

1.  CLITORAL STIMULATION:  With roughly 80% of women needing some kind of clitoral stimulation to climax, it’s no wonder this is the first on our list!  By rubbing a vibrating bullet all around the clitoris, or directly on the clitoris, women can experience faster and more powerful orgasms!

Bullet & Egg Vibrators

2.  VAGINAL STIMULATION:  If you’re not certain what you like when it comes to vibrations, a bullet vibrator is very versatile.  You can use the bullet to send vibrations through your clitoris as mentioned above or, use it internally!  Try both kinds of stimulation - penetration and clitoral - during the same solo session and see what you prefer!

3.  G-SPOT MASSAGE:  Bullet vibrators aren’t thought of as a “g-spot vibrator,” but that doesn’t mean they can’t give you a g-spot orgasm!  The smooth shell and slender body of the bullet can tuck
right inside and up against the g-spot for massage.  The bullet extends the reach of your fingers and offers a firm surface for channeling vibrations to your g-spot!

4.  VIBRATING PANTIES:  Turn any undies into an erotic experience!  Bullets like Jamie have a long cord and easy handheld remote so that you can place your bullet anywhere you like, including your undies!  Grab a fitted pair of panties, place the bullet tip-down on your clitoris and run the wire up your pelvis through the top of your panties.  With just a press of a button, you’ve got pleasure!

5.  CLITORAL STIMULATION DURING SEX:  Having trouble syncing your orgasm with your lover?  Use a bullet (or give your lover a bullet to use on you) while you have sex!  Clitoral stimulation provides faster and more intense orgasms so that you both can climax together!

3 Tips For Better Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral creams and enhancers paired with a vibrating bullet are a match made in heaven.  If you thought a bullet vibe directly on your clitoris was powerful, it’s time to kick it up a notch.  Heighten your sensation with a tingling clit cream, and then add in the bullet for an incredible orgasm!

7.  NIPPLE STIMULATION:  Did you know that with the right stimulation, breathing, and body control, you can orgasm just from nipple stimulation?  The petite size of a bullet vibrator is perfect for massaging breasts and teasing nipples.  Whether you’re male or female, nipple play can be the perfect foreplay or fantastic final act!

8.  FOREPLAY ALL OVER:  A vibrating bullet may be mini, but it packs a powerful punch during foreplay!  Imagine your lover dangling the buzzing bullet over your body while you wait in anticipation for it to touch your skin.  So sexy!  This kind of teasing on sensitive spots like between the thighs or at the nape of the neck will have anyone begging for sex in no time!

  Have your lover stimulate your clit or nipples during oral sex and take your intimate experiences to the next level.  Or place the bullet up against your cheek while giving oral to him and offer up some extra sensations in your mouth!  You can even use the bullet to buzz his testicles - but let him know first or he’ll be in for a shock!

  Thanks to the bullet vibrator’s long, sturdy cord, it is safe for anal stimulation and penetration.  As long as you clean the bullet before venturing from anal to vaginal stimulation, bullets are perfect for sensational rimming and internal anal pleasure!

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