Anal Plug Kits

Pink B.O.B.'s anal plug kits are great for beginners and experienced users alike! The plugs in these kits vary in size, so beginners can start with smaller plugs and work their way up to larger ones with experience. Get a kit and start anal training today!

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Anal Plug Set of 4


This kit includes four different plugs! Each plug has a different shape so you can experience all kinds of pleasure! This kit was designed with beginners in mind. The smallest plug is ideal for beginners, and even the largest plug is a modest size.



Easy Pull Anal Plug Set


The Easy Pull Set includes three different sized plugs. Each plug is similar in shape and has a loop at the base. This loop keeps the plug in place during use and allows for easy removal after use. These plugs are 100% silicone which is non-porous, so they are hygienic and very easy to clean after use.



Silicone Anal Plug Set


The Silicone Anal Plug Set has three different sized plugs that are all similar in shape. These plugs have a suction cup base which helps hold the plug in place during use, or it can be attached to any flat surface for hands-free fun. You can even attach these to a strap-on harness for pegging! 



Metal Anal Plugs


Although these metal plugs aren't sold in a set, you can purchase all three and make your own! Choose which jewel color you want! Metal plugs are perfect for anal play because they are non-porous, making them hygienic and super easy to clean after use! You can also heat them up with warm water or cool them down with cold water for a different kind of anal sensation!


Click Here to see all Pink B.O.B. Anal Toys


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