Why You Should Try Anal Sex

Anal sex.  Do those 2 little words make you cringe in anticipation of pain?  Or, perhaps those 2 little words excite you and you wish you could make your girlfriend understand that it really isn’t going to hurt.  Anal sex, while today more “the norm” as far as sex play goes, is still a fairly awkward topic for many couples. Most heterosexual men would really like to convince their partners to give it a go (or if they have had anal sex before would like to do it again) and most women are afraid of it and assume it will hurt.  Some men are even afraid to try it lest they be labeled as “homosexual” and therefore won’t give anal a try.  There are even some heterosexual men that would like to be the RECEIVER of anal pleasure, but are afraid to ask their partners to do it.  So, why should you try anal sex?

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IT FEELS GOOD!  I think it is fairly obvious that anal sex would not be so popular if it didn’t feel good.  The stigma of “the pain” that you will experience sometimes overrides the pleasure that you can and will feel if you do it right.  Anal sex simply feels good.  It is also an equal-opportunity pleaser in that both women and men can feel the same pleasure (although, men will get prostate stimulation which does amp-up the pleasure a bit for them).  There are nerve endings in the anus which feel amazing when stimulated.  For the men, the anal entrance is often much tighter and can offer a more intense “grip” on the penis. 


anal sex couples adultsTHE SENSATIONS ARE DIFFERENT:  Whether you are a woman receiving or a man giving – the sensations of anal sex are different.  For the man, the tightness of the anus can rarely compare to that of the vagina and it is a smoother feeling inside (not what you expected, huh?)  The shape of the canal is also different and the angle for penetration changes things up.  In short, it is a completely different ride.  For women, the sensations are very, well, odd at first.  The slight discomfort of insertion will eventually break into a very interesting pleasure!  Adding in some clitoral stimulation can also make things very intense and interesting.  If a man is the receiver of some anal stimulation, he will notice an extremely intense, and different, type of pleasure as his prostate is stimulated.  Most men describe it as nearly painful pleasure.

YOU CAN DO DOUBLE.  Doing a DP (double penetration) is, for many women, an amazingly powerful sensation.  Whether you are using the extra appendage (dildo or vibrator) in the anus or in the vagina, the extra full feeling adds something extra to the party.  There is but a thin layer of skin that resides between the anal canal and the vagina, which means if you place anything in the other entrance, the man will be able to feel it through this wall.  So, if a vibrator is buzzing in your vagina while he is entering your anal canal he will be able to feel it! This is an experience like no other and offers both partners a truly amazing experience.

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IT INCREASES TRUST: While you may not see it this way, having anal sex with your partner does, in fact, increase trust.  When a woman says “yes” to anal she says “yes” to the possibility of experiencing some pain.  The goal is NOT to have any pain, and with the right techniques and precautions you won’t, but the possibility is there.  Let’s be honest, anal sex is a bit uncomfortable in the entry stages.  So, when she says that she will let you do her up the butt it really does mean that she is trusting you not to hurt her. So, listen to her, pay attention to her physical cues and never push it if she is in pain.  If you want to have this experience again, you’ll follow these suggestions!

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