3 Ways To Enjoy Anal

Anal stimulation (via sex toy, fingering, or sex) is one of the most taboo sex topics out there that men and women regularly explore!  If you think the fact that it is taboo stops women from engaging in these erotic sex acts, you’re in for a surprise!  Since anal play has become such a hot topic, more women and couples are curious about it and interested in giving it a try.  There are many different ways you can indulge in the many pleasurable thrills of the fanny, and today, we are going to talk about three.


Tantalizing Toys:  One of the easiest and most stimulating ways to enjoy anal is to grab yourself a toy and have at it!  Anal toys such as beads, butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators are specifically designed to be comfortable and oh-so pleasurable.  Some have teasing textures or vigorous vibrations.  Some have suction cup bases for hands-free play.  Whatever you’re into, it exists in the form of a seductive ass toy.  To start using a backdoor massager, simply lube it up until it’s nice and slick.  You can use just about any kind of sexual lubricant, but silicone lubes tend to work the best because they don’t dry out as quickly as water-based lubricants and they are pleasurably thick.  Just remember to never use a silicone anal sex toy with a silicone lubricant!  If you are new to playing with your derriere, arouse yourself the way you normally would before penetration.  Once you are ready for the main event, start slow and shallow.  You’ll like what you feel and get into it pretty quickly!  Got vibes?  Turn them on and prepare for the buzz of a lifetime.  Feel free to stimulate yourself in other ways such as vaginally or clitorally – this will enhance the experience in overwhelming ways!  Many women report having more intense orgasms when adding a little vibe to their behind, so why wouldn’t you make it a staple in your every masturbation occasion?

Anal Stimulators For Men And Women

Bottom Bang’n:  Anal sex is an awesomely pleasurable and intimate act that lots of couples regularly enjoy.  Despite the taboo aura surrounding it, a lot of people are into it – and these people aren’t just men!  Women love it, too!  As is the case with toys, a sexual lubricant will cushion the push’n and make the whole experience a lot more satisfying.  You and your lover can start off slow and steady and graduate to the pounding you both crave!  The head of the penis is typically the hardest part to insert, but once it’s in, you can enjoy his unyielding manhood against your anal walls until you explode with pleasure.  Plus, it’s good for him, too.  This is another warm, tight hole for him to savor, so what isn’t there to love about anal sex?


Double Decadence:  Probably the most thrilling thing you can experience with anal sex is double penetration and triple stimulation!  To succeed in your quest for the ultimate explosion of pleasure, you have a couple of options to choose from:

A double penetration sex toy:  Like the different types of anal toys listed earlier, double penetration sex toys are widely available and in a variety of styles.  Decide what you like best in a sex toy.  Do you prefer realistic dildos?  Do you like intense vibrations?  A double stimulator is out there with the features you need to cum harder than you ever have in your entire life!  You can also indulge by getting a triple stimulator, which offers double penetration and clit stimulation.  If you want to be overwhelmed with pleasure, that is the way to go.

A partner and a sex toy:  If you want to get your lover in on the fun, you can insert a butt plug during vaginal sex.  If you want him to do the anal pushing, no problem!  Use another dildo or vibrator vaginally while he revels in your rear!  You or he can massage your clit to give you extreme triple stimulation, but be warned:  you are going to have an earth-shattering climax!  If you want to try triple stimulation without any toys, you man can penetrate you vaginally or anally and then use his fingers to stimulate the other.  Massage your clit at the same time and you’re good to go!

It’s not that hard to enjoy anal once you know what kind of anal stimulation you want to experience.  If you are a beginner, just lube up and start slow!  Once you find a comfortable position and an anal toy you love, you will start to experience the most satisfying stimulation of your life.

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