How To Have Multiple Orgasms

One of the greatest sexual gifts bestowed upon women is the ability to have multiple (that is, more than one) orgasm in a sexual session.  In reality, there are 2 types of “multiple” orgasms – sequential and serial.

Sequential orgasms will occur one after the other, with a few minutes (1-15) in between.  Yes, an orgasm that happens 15 minutes after a previous one does count as multiple as you have had more than one in a sexual session.
Serial orgasms occur immediately (within a few seconds) of the previous and will continue on and on, usually until stimulation stops or changes or the woman becomes exhausted.  Serial orgasms are fairly rare, and can happen sporadically in a woman’s sexual life.


UNDERSTANDING REFRACTORY:  After orgasm, both men and women experience what is called a “refractory period.”  This is a period of time in which the nerves in the penis or clitoris are unable to respond to further stimulation and can be, well, painful to the touch.  The refractory period differs from person to person, and can last a few seconds to many hours.  This is the period of time in which attempting further stimulation can be unpleasant and undesirable to many women.  The key is to understand how to navigate around the refractory period.

Female Multiple Orgasms Woman In BedREFUTING REFRACTORY:  It stands to reason if you are to go for more than one orgasm, you have to find a way to continue stimulation of the clitoris.  In order to do this you have to find a way to continue stimulation during your refractory period.  This takes a bit of determination as well as the training of your body.  We all have a natural instinct to avoid sensations which are unpleasant or painful – but if we want to get back to the pleasure of orgasm, we need to retrain our brain to work through the discomfort.  So, how do we do that?


METHOD 1 -  SLOW YOUR ROLL:  Following orgasm, most women will push their partner away (or remove the stimulation source – hand, toy, etc.) in order to avoid the unpleasant post-orgasm feelings.  This is normal, and it is completely OK.  The difference is – you have to resume stimulation sooner rather than later.  To do this, you need to SLOWLY resume stimulation within a few seconds of orgasm.  The best method is to use fingers (or tongue if you have a partner) and stimulate AROUND the clitoris, not directly ON the clitoris and then slowly move toward the clitoris with light, sensual, slow touches. This gets your body accustomed to the sensations of stimulating your very sensitive clitoris, without attempting to go full-on stimulation again immediately.  While you may not bring yourself to another climax, you are re-training your brain to accept the sensation post orgasm.  If you continue to do this after each orgasm, you will eventually be able to stimulate yourself more vigorously.

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METHOD 2 – PUSH YOUR LIMITS:  The second method goes in complete opposition of the first, but it is my personal preferred method and the way I learned to have multiples (serial AND sequential).  In this method you will have to push your limits of uncomfortableness by forcing yourself to accept the discomfort and just keep stimulating regardless.  This may take some time to work up to, but in the end you will be able to work through your refractory period and continue having orgasms. 

  • PARTNER / FINGER STIMULATION – if you are choosing to push your limits with partner help, keep in mind he/she is going to have to hold you down and force you to continue receiving the stimulation. Or, if you are fingering yourself you will have to work through your own discomfort – which is much more difficult.  The key is to not stop the stimulation, do not slow it, do not avoid the clitoris.  Just carry on with the normal stimulation like you are going for orgasm.

  • TOY STIMULATION – the best way to push your limits is with a vibrating toy. The reason is, toys are powerful and will build you to orgasm more quickly and push your limits in a very serious way while doing so. My personal choice would be a Hitatchi-type wand because the vibrations are so powerful and yet the vibration pad is so comfortable. There have been instances where the toy has literally been “tied” to the leg and placed at the clitoris to have unyielding stimulation.  This was the method used on me.  While this WILL get uncomfortable, you will have more than one orgasm.  As you become more accustomed to it, the orgasms will build more quickly. 







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MASTURBATE MORE:  The final tip in learning how to have multiple orgasms is to masturbate MORE.  This means every, single day.  Yes, every day.  Maybe 2 times a day.  The more you get your body accustomed to orgasm, the more likely you are to be able to have more than one in a session.  Your muscles are trainable – and you can train your body to orgasm more readily, but to do this you need to orgasm more and this means MORE masturbation.  Yes, you can have more sex too, of course, however, concentrated attention on yourself is more beneficial. 

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