Sex Tips For Long-Distance Relationships

In today’s day and age of internet dating, more and more relationships are spanning the globe, with couples no longer residing in the same city, not to mention that same state or even country.  Long-distance relationships have become quite the norm.  While love knows no bounds – distance included – it does present a bit of a challenge when it comes to keeping things sexually connected.  The last thing you want is to lose that sexual connection between visits with your lover.  So, how do you keep the sex hot while apart?

 Try These Tips Next Time You Pleasure Yourself

SEXY SOCIAL MEDIA:  Social media is an important factor in most people’s lives, and it is an even more important aspect of those in long-distance relationships. I am not talking about posting tit-pics on Facebook, but the more “private” channels such as Twitter or Instagram where you can have an audience of 1 may be the way to go.  Just make absolutely sure that what you post on there as to pictures is always set to private or select viewers or your Mom may not be so happy with you!  In general, though, you can use the standard social media to share each other’s day to day lives, and help to feel connected in that way too.


SEXTIING:  Everyone is doing it.  EVERYONE!  The channel of texting has become a HUGE proponent in relationships of all kinds, and long-distance is no different.  The ability to send a sexy or flirty text to your lover and get a nearly instant response is so gratifying!  Send sexy pics or naughty emoticons too!  There are many apps now that advertise sexual emoticons so you can pair the perfect pic with your sext!  Sexting is a great and fun way to keep the flirtation alive while you are far apart!


STRIKE A POSE:  The naughtier the better!  Our smart phones are wonderful inventions and are especially fantastic for maintaining the sexy and erotic edge of a long-distance love.  Sexy photo shoots can be geared to tell a story, entice a lover, or even just downright be naughty!  You can wear some sexy lingerie, vamp up your make-up, and find clever “props” to pose with or just go for the nudes!  A general progression of naughtiness is the way to go for sure.  Begin with more chaste arrangements, more clothing and then “progress” to less and less.  The progression can take hours, days or even weeks!  Imagine getting one naughty picture a day and wondering what the next day will bring!


Just remember:  not only do you have to think about someone inadvertently getting your naughty pictures (so make sure you have the correct person), but also you have to think about where your recipient is when he or she receives the picture!  In the middle of an important board meeting would probably not be the right timing!


PHONE SEX:  There really is no substitution for hearing your lover’s voice, especially when you are far away from each other.  There is also really no substitute for HEARING your lover’s moans of pleasure in orgasm.  When you can’t do either in person, then phone sex is the way to go!  Get naked, crawl into bed, place the phone at your ear and just talk dirty to one another.  Enjoy the sounds of his / her voice, imagine you are together, feel and touch yourself while you talk.  Entice and arouse each other; trying to make the other release in orgasm!  Phone sex takes a bit of skill – figuring out how to say things for desired effect – but once you have it, you will want to do it again and again.


SKYPE SEX / FACETIME FUCKING:  One of the best inventions of our generation has got to be the on-the-go, portable, live, video conferencing like Skype or Facetime.  With these apps you can live stream video chat anywhere in the world!  iPhone users can even talk to each other for free – no surcharge at all!  Plus, it is private!  You can Skype or Facetime naked, tease each other with a sexy strip tease, and even have Skype sex!  How do you do this you ask?  Well, that is something you have to figure out together, but I assure you, it is FUN!  What a great way to take a little bit of the sting out of long-distance and be able to SEE your lover in all their glory!

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