3 Ways to Find Your G-Spot

Many women have heard of their “G-Spot” but have not ever really found it or experienced the pleasure that comes when you stimulate it.  Can you find it?  Does every woman have a G-Spot?  Where, exactly, IS the G-Spot?  To answer: yes, you can find it; yes, every woman does have one (although some are more prominent than others); and it is located on the top wall of your vaginal canal, about 2-3 inches from the opening.  It feels spongy and different from the surrounding vaginal tissue.  It usually is more flat but will pop out with stimulation.  Some women experience VERY swollen G-Spots with stimulation and some can even “ejaculate” fluid from their spot (but not all can).  Want to find yours?  Read on!
G-Spot Stimulators and Vibrators

1. ON YOUR BACK:  The first way to try and find your spot is to lie on your bed with some pillows propped under your butt (to provide an angle), then insert your middle finger into your vaginal (palm side down) and feel for a difference in texture.  The G-Spot is a small patch of spongy tissue.  When you feel it and press on it, you should feel a sensation that is pleasurable.  If at first you do not find it, keep moving your finger around, pressing harder and still investigating for that difference in texture.  Most women can explore their own vaginal canal and find their spot this way.

2: HANDS AND KNEES TO FIND THE G:  Since the G-Spot is located on the top wall (belly side) of the vaginal wall, it is sometimes much easier to feel if you are on your hands and knees.  This is also why doggy style sex can be so immensely pleasurable for women who know that G-Spot stimulating feeling.  IF you are searching for your G, you can place a stack of pillows on your bed, then kneel over them, allowing your head to slope down toward the bed.  Reach around and insert your fingers into your vaginal canal and feel around.  The natural pressure of this position will often make the G-Spot more apparent as well as more easily stimulated.  This is also a great way for a partner to find and stimulate your spot!
Find Your G-Spot - Video

3. GIVE AN “O” GET A “G”:  If you are finding it difficult to feel your spot through normal exploration then you may need a bit of help causing your spot to pop out a little more.  When women become aroused – through stimulation or orgasm – their G-Spot will become more prominent and therefore easier to find and stimulate.  So, give yourself some quality orgasms through fingers or toy play (doesn’t matter if they are only clitoral) and then start to feel inside again.  Chances are that G-Spot will be much more evident.  If it still is not readily available, then utilize some internal stimulation (via toys or penis) and see if it is more noticeable.
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