See 5 Ways To Use A Vibrating Wand!

Every time I am ever asked, “What are your favorite toys,” inevitably one of my choices is always the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Or, realistically, almost any wand massager.  I love them.  Why?  They are so versatile for so many pleasurable things!  They truly are great on sore muscles like the neck or back – and who doesn’t like a great massage?  Also they are one of the most powerful vibrators that I have ever used!  Sure, they are not marketed as “a vibrator” but trust me they ARE!  So whether you have a magic wand massager already or are contemplating buying one, let me give you 5 ways to use your magic massager and I am sure it will make it to the top of your toy box!

1.  MASSAGING INTO MULTIPLES:  I was trained to be multi-orgasmic.  Yes, I said trained.  For many women, having multiple orgasms is a matter of training your body to get past the refractory period (the time post orgasm) and to continue on to the next orgasm....and the next...and the next.  For me, this training was done with a magic wand! The magic wand vibrator is extremely powerful and vibrates at such a high level as well as having a larger surface area of contact that most women find orgasm comes very quickly – for me within seconds.  Therefore, if the stimulation iscontinuous – without a break – you can work past the refractory and go for the next orgasm!  This is how I was trained!  So, if you are a woman who wants to try to go for the multiples, give a magic wand a try!

2.  SQUIRTING SENSATIONS: If you have ever watched any videos where women have authentic squirting orgasms you may notice that many of them use a magic wand massager.  Why?  For the same reasons listed above, the strong vibrations affect the entire vaginal area – and women who are sensitive and have G-Spot orgasms often find that the strong vibrations make squirting much easier to achieve!  This is not to say that a magic massager will guarantee a squirting orgasm, but if you are a woman who can squirt, a magic massager may be a much quicker route!

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3.  BODY VIBES:  It seems as though many women think that their massager is for solo performances only.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  While a magic wand is a great masturbation tool, it can also be good for all over body vibrations.  Hand the wand over to your partner and allow him to tease your nipples, stomach, buttocks, thighs – and yes – your vaginal area.  Your whole body will be a-buzz with sensations from the high powered vibrations!

4.  PARTNER PLEASURE:  While it is true that a magic massager is something great for solo play – it can also be quite pleasing during intercourse!  Particularly in positions like doggy style or any missionary where there is room to place the massager.  The high vibrations directed on the clitoris will provide intense stimulation during intercourse AND the strength of the vibrations is sure to give your partner a thrill as well.  Just be careful, a magic massager on the balls is a sensation that some men may find unpleasant.

5.  MANLY MASSAGING:  It may seem like the magic wand is for women only, but this is not true!  Men can enjoy the sensations too.  Whether it be a sexy massaging of all his tight, sore muscles or a more intimate massage, men can find the massager very pleasant.  When using it on his private parts be sure to tread VERY lightly.  Many men report that the most pleasurable place to put the massager is on the taint (the space between the balls and the anal opening).  If the wand is placed there during a blowjob the effects are said to be quite explosive!  May be worth a try!
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