3 Ways To Make Her Want To Give You Head

Okay, we know that giving a blowjob, head, whatever you like to call it may not be your lover's favorite thing.  If you think about it, it may seem odd for your partner to drop to her knees and suck on you until you climax.  I know the men out there REALLY appreciate the act, but how well does she know that?  Maybe she doesn't!  And maybe that's why she is reluctant to give you head on more occasions than your birthday!  If you want her to be more willing to give you head, you need to show her just how crazy it makes you and just how much you appreciate it!  So, here are three ways to make her WANT to give you head!

How To Successfully 69

ORAL SEX ASSISTANCE:  Perhaps the reason why your partner is apprehensive to offer oral sex is her concern for the taste.  To help ease her concerns, take a shower and pay careful attention to your genitals!  Present her with something clean.  If you ask for head upon your return from an intense workout or a long day on the job, she's not going to look forward to giving you head!  Prove to her your member is clean and tidy, and there is nothing to fret.  You can also offer her some delicious oral sex gels to sweeten the taste. Utilize some nice numbing mints or deep throat sprays to ease her mouth and throat, or amp up the sizzle with tingling sensations!

PLEASURE FOR 2:  Who said you get to have all the action?  Yes, you’re getting some superior oral sex, but that doesn’t mean she should just be left on the bed, or floor, or in the tub getting nothing!  Encourage her to touch herself!  Try a little voyeuristic masturbation for him to watch while he’s inside you.  The head you give will be so much better for both of you when you are both playing in the game!  If you’re feeling more adventurous, climb on top of him and enjoy a mutual oral sex experience in the “69” position!  It’s an incredible when you’re both aroused, feeding off each other’s moans!

SHOW HER YOU LOVE IT:  Moan.  Say her name.  Look down at her.  Grab her shoulders or her hair.  She wants you to enjoy what she is doing, so prove it to her! Show her how amazing it feels when she handles your manhood in her mouth.  Tell her with your words and your body that you are experiencing pure ecstasy!  After a few convincing moans, she'll get more into it!  If she knows giving you oral makes you wildly hot, she'll be more eager to give it in the future!  Chances are, she wants to pleasure you as much as you want to be pleasured, so be sure to let her know that her efforts are far from unappreciated!

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