How To Successfully 69

Ah, that lovely oral sex position known as the 69 – or, simultaneous oral sex!  The 69 is a favorite foreplay position for many couples, but is not always as easy to achieve as you may think.  In fact, there are many couples who give up on it before they achieve the bliss and pleasure that is the 69!  Some couples may have more difficulty achieving the right position based on height or weight or even just being timid!  So, if you want to get your 69 on and need some tips, read on.


POSSIBLE POSITIONS:   There are actually many positions that a 69 can be performed in.

  • Standard - Man lays on his back, woman straddles him her vagina at his face
  • Standard Reverse - Woman lays on her back, man straddles her with his penis at her face
  • Sideways - Each person lays on their sides and then line up so her head is at his penis and his head is at her vagina
  • Standing - Woman lays on the bed, her head dangling off the edge, the man stands and leans over her
  • Advanced - Man sits on the couch, woman places her vagina by his mouth, her knees on the back of the couch and then her mouth at his penis

 Dildos To Use During 69

SIZE MATTERS:  Not PENIS size, but partner size.  If either of you is substantially taller than your partner, it may be more difficult to line up the parts correctly.  Especially if the woman is much shorter than her partner.  If this is the case, you can use pillows under his head to prop him up a bit, and force his head forward for an extra reach.  This doesn’t always work if the woman is taller though, because then the angle of penetration for his penis would be awkward.

Similarly, if either of you is on the heavier side, it may be harder to maintain the position for long periods of time.  You may need to switch who is on top, or lean toward a sideways position to avoid the pressure on knees or other “parts” hindering the ability to get where you need to during the position.  A 69 can work for any couple, it just make take a little bit to figure out the configuration.


BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT:   For some couples, being timid can be an inhibitor to trying or doing a 69.  Let’s be honest, it is a rather up close and personal position. You can have no shyness when jumping up on top of your partner and presenting him or her with your private parts!  There is really nothing to it but to do it!  Just know that the position in and of itself is immensely erotic, that your partner will be as turned on as you, and you will both enjoy it.  No worries, just get to 69ing!  Be active!  Move, grind, thrust – it is all good!  Just remember though, especially if you are the man and are on top, you do not want to choke your partner, so be careful to allow her to guide you into her throat.

Ease Your Partner Into Deep Throating

LEARN TO MULTI-TASK: For many couples, the issue or challenge of doing a 69 is not any of the above reasons, but it is more the inability to concentrate on pleasuring while you are being pleasured! It can be hard, especially if you are having an orgasm, to stay on task.  The best method to handling this is to allow the orgasm and then resume your 69!  So, if you are the woman on top, allow the orgasm – sit up, ride his face, shake, moan, tremble – and then go back to what you were doing before. 

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