How To Be Secretly Naughty In Public

Nearly every sex survey I have ever read has featured the question:  “What is your naughtiest sexual fantasy?”  Invariably, there are always a great number of responses that center around “public” sex.  Being sexually naughty in public is something that many people fantasize about, but would never actually do.  Why?  Well, the idea of being caught and suffering the embarrassing or legal consequences of that is a huge deterrent for actually trying it out.  So, how do you allow this fantasy to become reality without the risk?  Read on and find some great ideas for being naughty in public on the sly!


SEXUAL SUGGESTION:  Sometimes being naughty in public doesn’t mean you have to PHYSICALLY do anything with your partner. Instead it can be more of a sexual suggestion.  You know, an act that alerts him / her that you are wanting sex and feeling naughty.  A popular and very low risk option is the “panty removal.”  During a night out – dinner, movie, etc. – the woman goes to the bathroom and removes her panties, then brings them back to her partner and places them discreetly in his lap.  He will look down to notice them in his hands and realizes that she is now sans panties!  Sexy!  This does work when the man does it as well, but boxers are usually larger and more bulky which can lead to less discreet transitions. 


There are many public places where a discreet shift of hand placement will go unnoticed.  Movie theaters, restaurants with booths and long tablecloths, concerts, outdoor music shows all offer a chance to do a little discreet fondling.  Whether it is you placing your hand on  your partner in a suggestive manner or you taking your partner’s hand and placing it on you – the end result will be one of sexual charge!  Imagine rocking out to your favorite band, surrounded by people and your lover reaches back and places her hands squarely on your penis!  Or, his hands wrap around and up your breasts or rest on your crotch.  Oh yes, getting some hand fondling in public is pretty safe and low-risk.



Couples Kissing In Car SexyHOW LOW CAN YOU GO:  If you want to take the above suggestion a bit further down the naughty trail you can actually place your hands UP her skirt or DOWN his pants to have more, um, direct touch.  This works if you are in a dark theater or sitting next to each other in a booth somewhere.  Libraries with deep stacks also make wonderful places to get some fondling in.  Imagine eating dinner with your partner and having her take you hand and place it up her skirt to feel the anticipatory wetness there.  Or, having your hand placed down his pants while watching the latest superhero flick at the theater!  Just remember that direct touching can lead to extreme arousal – and this can lead to orgasm so watch your sounds!




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BUZZING BUDDIES:  There are a myriad of sexual enhancement products which are designed specifically for public sexual play.  Whether it be panties with a vibrator attached, wireless remote controlled bullets and butt plugs or any other devices that your partner can operate discreetly – these buzzing pals can make any occasion from a dinner party to a night out with friends just that much more fun!  The key here is to remember that buzzing toys make a little noise, so make sure that you can play discreetly without being heard.  Imagine the fun and erotic charge you will get when you press the button on the remote control and see your partner jump!  Oh yes, the possibilities are endless. 


PICTURE PERFECT:  In the day of text messages, the naughty possibilities are endless!  You can slip discreetly to the bathroom, take a picture of, well, whatever you want (breasts, penis, pussy) and then send it instantly to your partner who is waiting outside for you.  As he / she sits unaware at the table, the flirty or downright naughty sext you send will make them wild with desire for you as well as letting them know exactly where your mind is!  Just make sure when you are viewing these naughty texts that you are not standing next to someone who may also catch a glimpse, which could be embarrassing for all.

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BATHROOM BANGING:  Finally, if you want or need to LITERALLY have sex while out in public it is necessary to find a somewhat private place.  While alleys and parks are possible, foot traffic is normally too heavy.  Bathrooms, however, can make the perfect place for a quickie.  While you do not want to spend too much time hanging out in the bathroom – you can get a discreet quickie in while no one else is in there.  Bathrooms with one stall and a locking door (gender neutral) are the best options, but you can sneak your partner into your bathroom if you are sly enough.  Either way, most business owners frown upon tying up the bathroom for your sexual needs so be fast and discreet!  This one is not for the nervous or faint of heart!

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