3 Things EVERY Woman Needs In Her Bedroom

Women are planners.  We plan.  We like to be prepared for every situation.  So, it stands to follow that there are some basics that every woman should have in her bedroom.  While our little secret “sex drawers” may be filled with a variety of items, there are many items that are must haves for all women.  In addition to the top 3 that will be listed here, an addendum to the list is CONDOMS.  If you are not in a 100% monogamous relationship in which you have other birth control, you should have condoms as your #4 item here.


1. LUBE:  I don’t care who you are, what age you are, or if you think that you make enough lubrication on your own – you NEED lube.  Period.  It is a must have.  Why?  Well, the female sex organs are delicate and require – yes REQUIRE – lubrication for safe and pleasurable sex.  Our bodies do provide us with this natural lubrication, but sometimes due to reasons such as age, hormones, sickness, dehydration (i.e. drank too much wine), or not having enough foreplay we are not as lubricated (wet) as we would like.  So, if we have a trusted bottle of lubricant in our bedside drawer we are always ready if we need to supplement our natural lubrication.  Also, if you engage in solo play via a sex toy lubrication is a recommended addition to play time.


2.  B.O.B. – BATTERY OPERATED BOYFRIEND(S): Whether you are single or in a relationship having a B.O.B. is a must have.  You have lots of varieties to choose from – bullets, dildos, vibrators, dual actions – but you should choose one!  If you are to have just one go with a bullet.  Bullets are perfect for solo use, for use during sex and for use with other toys.  The bullet is the go-to choice.  If you want more than one (and you should!) you should get at least a standard vibrator.  Keeping our insides stimulated during solo play is great for orgasm and maintaining feminine health and it is stimulating for a partner to watch his lover play – or help!

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3.  CANDLES:  Keeping in mind this is the “every” woman must have list, candles in the bedroom are a definite must have!  Candles set the mood for intimacy and relaxation.  They case a gentle light that allows your partner to see you – and see you in a very flattering way.  They create a warmth and comfort that is very appealing for sexual behavior.  Scented candles in particular add aroma and create an ambiance that is all about romance.  Even if it is just you and B.O.B., lighting candles is a good way to relax and simply enjoy the sensations of solo or partner play.  To kick it up a notch, get a candle that melts into a massaging oil and always be prepared for a sexy massage opportunity!

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