3 Naughty Things Couples Can Do In The Shower

Taking a shower with your partner is a wonderful way to get clean – and dirty – together.  The close-space forces you to brush up against each other, the warm water (and maybe massaging shower heads) provide a relaxing haven for you to massage each other, and the best part – you are both NAKED!  If you think that showers are just solo activities think again.  There are many things you can do together in the shower – here are just 3!

1.  WATERFALL ORAL:  What better time to put your lover’s penis in your mouth than when it has been freshly washed!  Not only that, you have a warm and comfortable place to kneel or sit while you do it.  Depending on the type of shower you can either sit on the side of the tub, kneel before him or sit on one of the seats if you are lucky enough to have seating in your shower.  Feeling the water cascading down onto your body while you take him into your mouth is a truly unique and erotic experience.  He can grab your hair up in his hands, lean against the wall and just take it all in as you take HIM all in.  Now, don’t be selfish guys, when she is done it is your time to take a seat.  Just position yourself under her, lift one of her legs onto your shoulders and enjoy the sight and the sensation while you pleasure her under the waterfall.

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2.  SHOWER SEX:  Instead of getting out of the shower, drying off, combing your hair and THEN having sex, why not just have some sex in the shower?  There are many positions that can be fantastic for sexy showering.  Bending her over is a popular choice, especially if you don’t have a very large tub space (or have a standing shower).  Just bend her down and enter her from behind.  Perhaps you want to see her in all her wet, glistening glory as she rides you.  If so, just sit on the floor of the tub, allow her to get on top of you and work her magic.  This way, you get a fantastic view and the water trickling down around her is sure to tickle your balls.  There are other positions that may work depending on the size of your shower.  The one thing to remember is to avoid accidents by making sure the bottom isn’t slippery.  Breaking bones is not sexy!

3.  SEXY SUDSING:  What do all people (hopefully) do in the shower?  They soap up and wash off, of course!  What is more erotic and intimate than soaping up your lover and then rinsing them off?  Take your time, admire their parts.  Soap up her breasts and caress them, rub her back and bottom with a loofah, take his penis in your hand and make sure it is properly cleaned.  Then, if the mood strikes you, you can go from some simple soaping to sexy sudsing by incorporating a bit of masturbation fun into the mix.  His penis will glide effortlessly in your hands if there is a bit of slippery soap on it.  She will love it if you finger her clit while washing it with a washcloth.  Just remember:  no soap up into her vagina!  Play safe or don’t play at all!

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