3 Ways To Orgasm Faster!

Sometimes all a woman wants to do is have an orgasm!  So, what do you do when you want to have an orgasm and you don’t want to wait all day to have it?  Or, perhaps you are a woman who finds it a little more difficult to have an orgasm or it takes FOREVER!  If this is true there are a few tricks you can use to orgasm a bit faster.  Sometimes it is a simple case of knowing the right tricks to get your body to respond accordingly to the stimulation.  Here are just 3!

1.  POWER STIM:  It makes sense that the more direct and powerful the clitoral stimulation, the more quickly you will come to orgasm.  If you want to speed up the orgasm process you need to have constant and powerful stimulation on your clitoris.  This stimulation will most likely be more successful if you use a toy like a bullet or vibrator.  These items are made to provide direct and powerful stimulation directly to the clitoris!

2.  ADDING INTERNAL:  A woman is almost 75% more likely to have an orgasm if she has internal and external stimulation at the same time!  This means adding in sexual penetration to external stimulation.  This can be done by adding clitoral stimulation during intercourse, or adding a dildo or vibrator during clitoral stimulation.  The goal is to have both stimulations at the same time.  Dual action vibrators (toys that have a phallic, internal stimulator AND a clitoral stimulator in one toy) are wonderful for providing the two types of sexual stimulation.

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3.  OVERALL AROUSAL:  It is a total misconception that in order to orgasm you need to concentrate ALL the efforts on the clitoris.  While it is definitely true that stimulating the clitoris is the main way to provide that orgasmic experience, the truth is that if you are overall aroused – meaning totally turned on – you will orgasm much more quickly!  This means taking the time to seduce yourself.  Stimulate other parts of your body before going for the main event.  Play with your nipples, stroke your belly, feel around your body (or have your partner do it!)  Get yourself all warmed up.  Also, stimulating your mind helps immensely!  This means watching an erotic film or talking dirty with your partner.  The key is to get your entire body worked up and ready for the stimulation!  Then you are sure to come to climax much faster!

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