Try These 3 Tips Next Time You Pleasure Yourself!

Masturbation – Self Love – Self pleasure – whatever you call it, personal playtime is an important part of normal, healthy sexuality.  Masturbation, especially that culminates in orgasm, is a stress relieving activity, it helps maintain normal feminine health, it increases the chances of orgasm with a partner, and it is just plain enjoyable!  So, if you are looking for something new to try the next time you are snuggled in for some self loving, read on and have a new experience tonight!


1.  SELF EDGING:  “Edging” is the sexual practice where we keep our partner on edge near orgasm for as long as possible.  The result is a more powerful orgasm.  Self edging is just as it seems – edging oneself!  Who says masturbation has to be quick?  The next time you are enjoying personal play try bringing yourself just to the brink of the orgasm and then STOPPING all stimulation.  Then, wait a few seconds and begin again.  If you are using a vibrator or a bullet you may want to just shift the focus of the stimulation to around the clit, and then once you have come down a bit refocus back on the clit.  You can do this as many times as you can handle and the result is a continual state of extreme arousal that will culminate in a more intense orgasm!



2.  CLITORAL CREAMS / WARMING LUBES:  Why do people assume that clitoral sensitizing creams or warming lubes need to be only for partner play?  These products are designed to increase the blood flow to the clitoris, thereby increasing the chance, frequency and intensity of an orgasm.  There are many brands on the market; usually trial sizes are available as well.  Find one that appeals to you (if you like warming gels, use one that warms) – and then place some of the gel / cream / lube on your clitoris and commence solo play.  You can enjoy the sensations and the added sensitivity while you pleasure yourself.  This is also a good way to experiment with products you may want to bring into the mix with a partner.

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3.  DOUBLE THE STIMULATION:  Most women seem to be clitorally driven when it comes to masturbation.  It makes sense, really, since the clitoris is the hub of sexual pleasure and orgasmic release.  More than 75% of all women studied confess to never experiencing internal stimulation during masturbation, only concentrating externally.  Why?  Your orgasm will be much more powerful if you combine internal stimulation with external stimulation.  In this way your tender and very sensitive internal spots get stimulated as well as your clitoris.  So the next time you are settling in for some private time with B.O.B. remember that you can double the fun and double the orgasm potential if you not only use him externally but also internally!  This means that B.O.B. needs a buddy.  One for insertion and a smaller one for external play. Or, go for the two-for and get a dual action!  Either way, it will bring your session to new orgasmic heights!

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