5 Tips That Will Make Him Last Longer

Do you want to help your man last longer in bed?  You have come to the right place!  It is pretty common for a guy to think he’s not lasting as long as he could be, and he’s probably right!  The good news: there are plenty of things for him to do that can increase his sexual stamina and give him more control over ejaculation.  There are a few ‘quick fixes’ here for him to try in the moment, but there are also exercises and lifestyle changes that can improve his sexual threshold over time!  So, if the two of you want to keep him in action a bit longer, read these tips and try them out!

Note:  If you or your partner ever have any health concerns regarding premature ejaculation and intercourse, speak with a doctor.

1.  PELVIC EXERCISES:  If you think Kegel exercises are just for women, you’re wrong!  Regularly working out your pelvic muscles can improve your health regardless of age or sex.  Doing Kegels is a great way to build strength and gain sexual control, so tell your man that he should start doing them every day!  He can locate these muscles the same way women do; by stopping urine midstream.  The muscles that stop the urine are the ones both men and women should be exercising regularly! 
Like any strength workout, it should be done in sets.  Suggest that he try three sets of fifteen flexes, holding each flex for as long as he can (three seconds is a good starting time).  He probably won’t see the benefits on the first day, but after a while of regularly exercising these muscles, his sexual stamina will improve!

2.  EDGING:  One of the best ways to get a man to last longer is to practice getting as close to orgasm as possible WITHOUT actually reaching that point of no return.  How?  When your man feels the pressure building and he knows his climax is right around the corner, he should slow down or stop stimulation for a few moments to cool down.  Not only does this work in the moment (he will last longer by avoiding ejaculation), but it also helps build resistance for the future!  Like Kegel exercises, regularly edging will show results over time!  He should practice edging while masturbation as well so he can learn his orgasm cues and gain more control.

3.  FOREPLAY:  Usually when people tell you how important foreplay is, it is in the context of helping women climax.  This time, we’re talking about the guys!  Not only does foreplay make sex more fun, but it also naturally increases the length of your lovemaking session!  Hold off on the penetration for a while and pleasure each other in other ways.  Both you and your man will experience greater arousal and pleasure.  If you spend plenty of time on foreplay, there is less pressure to make the intercourse session long and seductive.  So, the both of you become more aroused, experience greater pleasure, get to spend more intimate time together, and have increased satisfaction.  There really isn’t any reason to NOT have more foreplay, is there?

4.  BREATHE:  When you are all excited about something, what are you supposed to do?  Take a deep breath!  When you and your guy are having sex and he is getting REALLY excited, remind him to take slow, deep breaths.  Controlling your breathing can calm you down in any situation, including sex.  He will feel more relaxed and able to last longer.  It will bring him back into the moment and he will stop focusing on that end-goal of climaxing!

5.  HEALTHY LIVING AND PRODUCTS:  There are several things your partner should avoid if he wants to last longer during sex.  First, he should limit his alcohol intake or not drink at all if the two of you are planning on getting busy.  Alcohol makes ejaculation more difficult to control, even if he’s only buzzed.  Sugary foods can also do this, so a few dietary changes might be in order.  These things will not only improve sexual stamina, but his all over health as well!  He will sleep better and have more energy, which will in turn give your sex life a boost!  He can also apply desensitizing creams or sprays.  He will experience fewer sensations and therefore his orgasm will build much more slowly.  Condoms can also have this effect while also reducing the risk of STD’s and pregnancy.  It’s a win-win!
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