3 Tricks That Promote Stimulation

For women, sexual arousal and orgasm come from stimulating the erogenous zones in the body.  The most prominent of these is the clitoris.  Sometimes women can find that they are not getting as stimulated as they would like – or not enough to cause an orgasm.  No one wants that!  We all want to have orgasms during sex / masturbation, right?  Of course we do.  So, if you want or need to promote sexual stimulation read on for these 3 tricks.


CLITORAL GELS / CREAMS:   Without a doubt if you want to promote stimulation of your clitoris and are finding this difficult, a clitoral arousal gel is the way to go.  Clitoral arousal gels were designed specifically for women who find clitoral stimulation to be difficult due to any number of factors.  These gels work by increasing the blood flow to the clitoris which enhances arousal by making the clitoris more sensitive to stimulation.  There are different types to try – so pick one, apply per directions to your clitoris and then resume manual or oral stimulation.  These products work extremely well for a majority of women.

GOOD VIBRATIONS:   For some women it is not always a total lack of stimulation and arousal but sometimes more that it is difficult to get stimulated manually or orally.  This happens to almost all women at some point in their lives – aging, hormonal fluctuations, childbirth, medications, depression – all of these factors can decrease stimulation and arousal.  If this is the case for you, try a vibrator or a bullet.  The strong and direct stimulation that can be applied directly to the clitoris is something that is very effective and pleasurable for women.  You will want to start slowly and then build up to a more direct stimulation and then just lay back and allow the pleasure to wash all over you!
Clitoral Stimulators

THE INDIRECT ROUTE:   Sometimes the quickest route to sexual stimulation is the indirect route.  Confused?  This means that instead of going right to the clitoris and expecting arousal why not take the more indirect route and entice all of your erogenous zones?  Whether you are playing alone or with a partner, taking time to arouse ALL of you will promote sexual stimulation very effectively.  This means pay attention to your nipples, breasts, thighs, stomach, buttocks, feet and vaginal area.  Take time to touch and caress all your womanly parts.  If you are playing with a partner, ask him or her to take their time licking and kissing all over your body.  This will promote stimulation and arousal in a very big way!
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