Is She Faking Her Orgasm?

The dilemma of knowing whether or not her moans of pleasure, shaking legs and panting breathing is really her having an orgasm or whether she is just the world’s best actress faking orgasm, is a real one.  We all know that “women can fake orgasm” right?  We have seen the movies, read the articles, seen the jokes about how 1 in 2 women will fake her orgasm at some point in her sexual life and 1 in 8 fakes it EVERY time.  Wow.  So, is there a way to detect a real orgasm?  Can you really tell if she is in real orgasmic bliss?  Oh yes and here is how in 4 easy steps.  The “tells” (think Poker playing) of real orgasm.


NOTICE THE NIPPLES:  A woman’s body is a delicate system and it has definite indications of when she is aroused and has had an orgasm.  The hyper-sensitive state of a woman’s body gets even more so when orgasm is impending. Hardened nipples are a sign of general arousal but extremely hardened nipples combined with other signs indicate impending orgasm, so if you notice (or feel) her nipples hardening, you may want to pay some attention to them to give her pleasure and realize that her orgasm is on its way!

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TREMBLES AT THE TOUCH:    No woman ever has an orgasm with a limp and relaxed body. No woman.  Ever.  It is physically impossible for her body to be experiencing orgasm while remaining completely relaxed.  Her muscles will tighten, and she will momentarily become stiffer, tremble, muscles contracting in her abdomen and legs, followed by severe relaxation.

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A HAPPY HEART:  The heart wants what it wants – and what it wants is an orgasm!  An orgasm is a very complex physiological event that involves a woman’s entire body.  Adrenaline rushes through the body before orgasm and this increases heartbeat.  Even if she is not “doing any work” per se, such as being the recipient of oral sex, her heart rate will increase dramatically before orgasm occurs.  So, if you notice her heart is about to pound out of her chest – orgasm is imminent.


PULSATING PUSSY:  This is probably the most definitive sign of orgasm, and it is something that you FEEL.  If you watch a woman in orgasm you will see the anus “pucker” and the vagina will also open and close in contraction.   If you are having intercourse you will feel it on your penis and with oral sex on your fingers or tongue.  During orgasm the vaginal and rectal areas contract and pulse rapidly and it is uncontrollable.  It is also extremely hard to fake these types of contractions because they are EXTREMELY strong, are the entire vaginal canal (not just the opening) and they occur in rapid succession.
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