Why Women Should Masturbate Regularly

Why Women Should Masturbate Regularly

According to Women’s Health Magazine, statistically, 92% of women masturbate in general, but the average time is once every 2 weeks.  So, while it seems that most women masturbate, many do not do it on any regular basis.  This begs the question:  WHY NOT?  Masturbation is, in short, enjoyable!  Orgasms are pleasurable.  Sexual release is desirable.  So, why are we women not engaging on a more regular basis?  Why should you masturbate more regularly?  Here’s why!

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SOLO STRESS RELIEF and GENERAL HAPPINESS:  When we have orgasms our bodies release hormones that ultimately cause relaxation and stress relief.  When our muscles contract in orgasmic bliss, the end result after we get our orgasm fix is that we are more relaxed in general.  When we experience sexual pleasure our bodies produce two hormones:  Dopamine and Endorphin.  When these are released we feel a general sense of happiness and well-being, which ultimately causes relaxation.


SEXY SLEEP:  Going along with the above idea of reduced stress, masturbation before bed can aid in falling asleep faster as well as a more relaxed sleep state in general.  When our bodies are relaxed and the stresses of the day are more dialed down, we can fall asleep more easily.  While it may be nicer to fall asleep cuddled up next to a partner, solo play can still give us a peaceful night’s rest – and no one is snoring in your ear.


HELPS ORGASM DURING INTERCOURSE:  The better we know our bodies, the easier we orgasm.  So, if we orgasm more, as well as become more attuned to what pleases our body, we will be able to duplicate that during intercourse and hopefully show our partners what we like.  When women masturbate more regularly, they also become more accustomed to the feeling of orgasm, how the build-up feels, and they know instinctively if what their partner is doing will help get them to the O.  This can aid in having easier orgasms as well as multiples


MAYBE MULTIPLES:  One of the issues with having multiple orgasms for some women is that intense pleasure / pain that happens after orgasms.  The clitoris becomes so sensitive that continuing any type of stimulation can be quite unpleasant for a few seconds.  Women tend to stop after one orgasm.  Regular masturbation helps a woman to become more familiar with the post-orgasm feeling as well as allows her to stimulate herself in gentle ways to begin building to the next orgasm.  This can aid in having multiple orgasms during masturbation and intercourse too.

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CURBS CRAMPS:  As odd as it may seem to masturbate during that time of the month, orgasm can dramatically reduce bad menstrual cramps.  The contractions that the uterus goes through can ease the cramps and the hormones released during orgasm can bring about general relaxation and a happy feeling that many women tend NOT to have during their periods.  Keep in mind that occasionally cramps can be made worse by orgasm, so it may be trial and error for you.


KEEPS YOUR PARTS IN SHAPE:  The muscular contractions that occur during orgasm are much like Kegel exercises.  Kegel exercises help to keep the pelvic floor tight, the bladder muscles in good shape, and generally keep a woman’s nether region in better shape than when there are not orgasms.  Especially as women age, their muscles tend to start to atrophy a bit, so having more regular orgasms can greatly assist in the overall health down there.

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