5 Oral Sex Tips For Him

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Oral sex is a standard sexual activity in the bedroom and it is often a part of foreplay and regular sex! Not all women like the same techniques so you should always be looking for new ways to stimulate her, but there are a few basics that might benefit your venture. Here are 5 oral sex techniques to try on your lover the next time you give her oral sex!

1.  Variety

Varying your movements is essential if you want to give her good oral sex. Ideally, you should know what your partner personally enjoys, but sometimes this requires a little trial and error. Try different licking patterns and circular motions to give her the variation in stimulation she craves. When you find motions that seem to drive her crazy, stick to them!

2.  Focus on the Clit

The clitoris is incredibly sensitive to sexual stimulation and will require your attention if you want to make your partner orgasm! Most women need clitoral stimulation to climax, and oral stimulation feels especially goodWoman Having Orgasm. Circle your wet tongue around her clit to heighten arousal. If she seems to sensitive, you can go just off to the side of her clit or apply a different level of pressure.

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3.  Attend to Her Lips

The vaginal lips are just as important as the clit! Give her labia the attention it deserves by licking, stroking, kissing, and even nibbling! The lips are also sensitive and using your tongue to stimulate her entire vaginal area will not only be more pleasurable, but it will help her build to a more intense orgasm! So don’t forget to lick and lap the area all around her clit!

4.  Fingers

Oral sex can be made even better with the addition of a few well-placed digits! Dual stimulation is incredibly pleasurable and if you couple fingering with oral sex, she is sure to experience some awesome sensations and explosive orgasms. You can tease her G-spot or simply massage her vaginal walls for more extreme satisfaction. If your partner likes it a little kinky, this is the perfect opportunity to pleasure her anally as well!

5.  Vigorous Vibes

If you really want to blow your lover away, add vibrations! A small bullet vibrator, finger vibe or a slim vibe makes a great addition to oral sex. You can use it to easily stimulate her clit, labia, vaginal walls, taint, or anus! Vibrations add more intense stimulation to help her orgasm more easily during oral play. Just make sure you keep using your mouth and tongue, because that’s the best part!

Best Vibes To Use During Oral

Lola's Bullet

Multi-Function Bullet VibeThis bullet vibrator has 10 intense vibration functions for you to explore!  You or your lover can control the vibrations from the wired remote.  The bullet is small and smooth, making it a great addition to oral sex!

Jesse Finger Vibe

Textured Wearable Finger VibratorThis disposable finger vibe slips right over your finger, so it's a great sex toy to use during oral sex!  The textured nubs enhance stimulation so she can achieve powerful orgasms.

Silver Bullet

Slim Silver VibeThis slim silver bullet has 1 speed, but that's all you need!  It is firm, small, and smooth to the touch.  It's perfect for teasing her clit and labia during oral sex!  It's discreet size and design also makes it a great on-the-go vibe.

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