3 Simple Tricks To Try During Foreplay

Foreplay – the play before the act!  Foreplay can be such a fun and important part of intimacy with your partner!  Not only does it prepare you both for the actual act of sexual intercourse, but it can deliver many orgasms for the woman and a lot of pleasure for the man.  Foreplay includes touching, kissing, humping, fingering, stroking (hand jobs) and oral sex.  Foreplay can even be the main event at times – getting sexually gratified before sex.  So are you looking for some fun and simple foreplay tricks?  If so, here are 3:

1. THE MOVING KISS:  Kissing is a very erotic and intimate event, but many people concentrate kissing only on the lips or the genitals which leaves a whole lot of space in between!  While kissing generally does begin on the mouth, it can and should wander around your partner’s body.  Slide your tongue down their neck, chin, up the other side and lick and gently suck on their earlobe.  Perhaps kiss their eyelids and nose.  Move down to HIS chest (yes, or hers) and lick and suck on his nipples (men love this too!)  The belly and belly button can be a very ticklish – yet erotic – place to concentrate your kisses and tongue tricks.  Move yourself down to the very sensitive area on the sides of the abdomen and give a little nibble.  Perhaps roll him or her over and concentrate on the back, the sensitive spot above the butt or the butt cheeks.  Then, flip over and move down to the hip bones, allowing your tongue to explore the natural dips there.  The outer (and inner thigh) make a wonderful and fun trail to follow all the way to the feet.  If you are into it, the feet, toes and foot arch make playful places to drop a kiss.  All leading up the inner thigh to the area we most associate with mouth loving besides the mouth – the genitals!

Spice Up Sex With These Tips

2. GAME CHANGER:  Everyone has their signature moves – the ones that we believe our partner responds best to.  We stick with those and everyone is happy, right?  Why not change it up a bit?  Try a new place to touch or tease.  Delay the moment longer before ripping off her panties.  Perhaps add some fingers to your oral sex and give her a new sensation.  Women, give him a blowjob that is longer than a few moments and really get into it, concentrating on stroking him and if you don’t normally do this – suck on his balls a bit.  Why not put her on her stomach before performing oral sex on her – the new position will feel different and make her wonder what you are up to.  Blow gently on her skin after you have kissed her.  Bite his neck just a little.  The key here is: avoid the “normal” and try some brand new moves!

3: NAUGHTY WORDS:  It may come as a surprise to know that both women and men are auditory during sex.  Meaning, while men are more visual than emotional; and while women are more emotional than visual – both men and women are auditory!  Meaning, when our lover whispers little naughties in our ears during sex we BOTH get turned on more!  Dirty talk takes a bit of finesse to figure out what feels comfortable for both partners – but it can really amp up the foreplay.  Try something simple like: “Mmmm, baby, your mouth feels so good on my pussy.  I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”  Or, “I love when you make those moans when I pleasure you; it makes me want you so badly.”  Just remember not to come out of the gate using the dirtiest words in your lexicon – go slowly, be intimate, use words that describe feeling, taste, smell or love and you will both be begging for it!

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