3 Ways To Have A G-Spot Orgasm

Having a G-Spot orgasm is an experience that any woman would want to have and repeat.  And repeat.  AND repeat.  It is a feeling unlike any other – whole body intensity.  However, having G-Spot orgasms is not always the easiest feat to pull off.  There are 3 methods that make it more likely to achieve once you know what sensations to look for.  Having a G-Spot orgasm is definitely something worth striving for!

Sex Toys For G-Spot Stimulation

1.  ORAL EXAM:  For most women who can have a G-Spot orgasm, their first experience with this comes during a session of oral / fingering.  Why?  Well, the first thing to remember when going for the G is that you should be VERY aroused.  The more aroused the more likely of a G-Spot orgasm.   The more orgasms you have had before you even try the better.  So, oral gives many women orgasms which increases the chances of the G-Spot O.  Plus, your partner is already in the right position to hit your spot with his finger(s)!  The G-Spot is a slightly spongy patch on the top of the vaginal wall – about 2 inches in.  Your partner can twist and turn his fingers right on that spot, applying FIRM pressure, while stimulating the clit orally.  When you FEEL him hit the spot – and you will KNOW because it will be a pleasure / discomfort feeling– tell him to continue the firm pressure in a sort of “come hither” motion with his finger.  Then, just let the sensations roll on in until you feel that orgasm building and building and building!

How To Find Your G-Spot - Video

2.  BARKING UP THE RIGHT TREE:  Since G-Spot success depends on constant and firm pressure on the G-Spot the best sexual position for achieving a G-O is doggy style.  Especially if you lean your head down toward the bed and lift up your butt.  When your partner enters you from behind he can adjust his strokes to hit your spot with the head of his penis.  Just make sure you wiggle yourself around until you feel him hit it and then TELL HIM!  He can adjust his strokes to maintain pressure on that spot.  Then, all you have to do is reach down and finger your clit (or use a bullet) and wait for the G-Spot O to come!

3.  TOYTASTIC!:  The reason there are so many G-Spot toys on the market is because women want to have G-Spot orgasms when they are enjoying their private play!  The most important thing about a G-Spot toy is that it should be solid and FIRM.  You have to be able to stimulate your G-Spot continually with firm pressure.  G-Spot toys that have a gentle curve on the tip are also more successful than a standard vibe.  The key to giving yourself a G-Spot orgasm is to continue the firm pressure and make sure you are reaching your spot.  A cheat to achieve this is to put yourself on hands and knees, put a pillow underneath your abdomen, nestle a bullet on your clit and then use the toy by reaching around behind you to insert. This position increases pressure on your G-Spot and makes stimulating it easier.

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