3 Ways To Have Sex Outdoors

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – have sex outdoors if you have the gall!  Who says that sex has to always be indoors?  It doesn’t!  In fact, having a little outdoor tryst is a great way to add some va-va-voom to your relationship.  Show your lover just how hot he/she makes you by suggesting a little outdoor lovin’.  Experimenting with places you could possibly get caught can be exhilarating and super sexy and, just being outside with nature, is its own special thrill!

How To Be Secretly Naughty In Public

1.  FOREST FROLICKING:  Almost everyone knows of a nature trail near to them where people walk, run, ride bikes or – if you dare – have sex.  Forests are great places to have an outdoor encounter because the shrubbery offers natural cover for those who may be walking by while still making it a bit dangerous.  Imagine walking hand-in-hand with your lover, casually strolling down the pathway and finding a little off-road detour.  You walk a bit into the forest and find a clearing. Perfect for a quick romp amongst nature.  If you want something a little more romantic, pack a blanket in a backpack in case you find the perfect spot.  Just remember that nature has bugs, snakes, animals and poisonous plants so always PLAY SAFE!

2.  BEACH BUMS AND WILD WATER SPORTS:  Summer is an excellent time of year to get it on outdoors.  Skimpy shorts, tank tops and bikinis make access easy and the warmth of the sun invites nudity in all its forms.  Trips to the beach can make for glorious outdoor sex – as long as you are cautious and discreet.  While it may seem appealing to have a little water sex in the lake or ocean – REFRAIN from this.  Natural water spots are crawling with bacteria that you do not want pushed inside of you.  So, while it is OK to have a little frisky time, try to avoid actual sex.  Pools, however, can be different and much safer.  Just remember that public pools with children is a no-no.  The best way to have in-water sex is simply to “jump on” him while he floats you around in the water.  Now, beaches can be great spots for some hot summer lovin’ especially as the sun goes down.  Slip between two large blankets (to avoid getting sand in all the wrong places) and get it on as the sun sets!  Or, walk along the dunes and find a discreet spot to have a quickie.  Either way adds some fun to your summer vacation!

3.  POLAR BEAR CLUB:  You may not think that winter is a time for doing anything outdoors that requires taking off clothes, but the truth is, there is a giant thrill in having sex in the snow.  OK, so maybe not IN the snow, but outside surrounded by snow.  Picture this:  cross-country skiing with your lover and finding a little off-path area that is semi-private.  You begin to kiss and caress warming each other up.  You can’t wait to get back to the cabin so you have a little bent-over sex with only the important parts hanging out.  The warmth of the lust will keep you both warm and the cold on your private parts will feel amazing during the act!  Keep in mind that sub-zero wind-chill days are not advised because wetness of any kind FREEZES!  However, cold weather can make for a hot time in the middle of winter – so give it a try and join the sexy polar bear club!

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