5 Ways To Secretly Seduce Your Partner

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Are you away from your partner or in public but you want them to know what you are in the mood for? There are plenty of ways to discreetly arouse your lover! How do you let them know you are in the mood without causing a scene or embarrassing anyone? Here are some tips to secretly seduce your partner!

1. Naughty Messages

Throughout the day, send your partner naughty messages to let them know how you feel! This will definitely help put your lover in the mood without letting anyone else know. So long as you know your partner can privately view your sexy texts or dirty E-mails, you can secretly let them know they are on your mind! You can even take turns describing what you want to do to one another.

2. Dirty Pictures

Just like sending messages, sending pictures is a great way to put your partner on edge! Send a sexy photo of yourself along with a seductive message or simply snap a pic of your naughty bits and they will know what you are in the mood for! Just double-check you are sending it to the right person.

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3. Erotic Whispers

If you are in public or with others and you are trying to keep your advances on the down-low, just lean in and whisper! Tell your partner how much you want them and how you can’t wait to get them home. Your lover will be stuck squirming in their seat while trying to disguise their look of arousal. Plus, whispering in their ear is a sexy act in itself! Your partner will have a lot to look forward to!

4. Touching

You can touch your partner and still be sneaky about it. A quick pat on the bum or a squeeze will test your lover’s ability to keep their composure in public. You can even lean in to whisper and give a little nibble on their ear! You can blow on or kiss their neck to make your intentions clear. Whatever you do, it will send a shiver down your partner’s spine as they imagine all the touching you will be doing later!

5. Wireless toys

This has got to be one of the most satisfying ways to secretly seduce your lover! Use a sex toy with a wireless remote or take advantage of modern technology with a Bluetooth- or app-enabled vibe! That way, you can tease your partner from across the table or even across the room with just a push of a button! Many are quiet enough to be completely unheard in a room of people, such as a party or restaurant. It’s perfect for keeping your partner on edge until you get home.

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