3 Ways To Make Her Orgasm

Do you want to give your partner powerful orgasms? There are many ways to help her achieve the intense sexual satisfaction she craves. Here are just 3 great ways you can make her climax during foreplay and sex!

1. Clit Stimulation
One of the best ways to help her orgasm is to maximize her clit stimulation! The clit is highly sensitive and some women require it to orgasm at all. There are a variety of ways you can enhance clit stimulation while you are being intimate with your lover. Sex positions like doggy style or cowgirl allow you or your partner to reach down and tease her clit with a small vibrator or your fingers! You can also use a vibrating cock ring to heighten her pleasure (as well as improve your own sexual performance). Great clit stimulation can help her orgasm much more easily!

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2. Oral Sex
Many woman love oral sex, and sometimes it can make it easier to orgasm! Your warm, wet tongue feels amazing on her clit and labia. Give her pinpoint stimulation by kissing, licking, and sucking! To make it even more pleasurable, you can also use your fingers or even a finger vibrator. All women enjoy oral sex differently, so make sure you try different things and pay attention to the way your lover responds to your touch so you can help her build to an explosive climax.

3. Sex Toys
Vibrators and massagers offer intense and consistent stimulation that is perfect for helping your lover orgasm. As mentioned before, small vibrators, cock rings, and finger vibes are great choices, but there are many other toys you can use to satisfy her! Bullet vibes can easily be used by you or her during foreplay or sex! Massage wands offer ultra powerful vibrations that can even help her cum more quickly! Dual action vibes or g-spot vibrators can help her achieve a blended orgasm or a wild G-spot orgasm! Even if these toys seem more appropriate for solo play, it is just as fun to use one on your partner. Plus, you can easily spice up your sex life by using toys on your lover!


Best Toys To Help Her Orgasm

Miracle Mini Massage Wand

Massage WandThis massage wand is small and discreet, making it ideal for beginners and on-the-go women!  The flexible neck and multi-speed vibrations are perfect for pinpoint clit stimulation during masturbation, foreplay, and sex.

Rose G-Spot Stimulator

Vibrating G-Spot ToyThis vibrator for women has a long, firm shaft so you can easily stimulate your clit and G-spot! The angled neck and bulbous tip enhance G-spot stimulation so you can have powerful orgasms.  This vibe is also waterproof!

Jamie's 10-Speed Bullet

Mini Remote Clit StimulatorThis bullet vibe is small, discreet, and easy to use! It has a long cord so you or your lover can control the vibrations during foreplay and sex. It is equipped with 10 fantastic vibration functions for you to explore.

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