How To Keep Sex Exciting In A Long Term Relationship

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Sex can become pretty routine when you have been in a relationship for a while. People get comfortable and forget to try new things, but just because you have been romantically involved with the same person for a while does not mean you can’t have an awesome and fulfilling sex life! How do you keep things fresh? Check out these tips!

Flirting and Foreplay
A great sex life starts outside of the bedroom, and this means showing your partner how much you love and want them! Be fun and flirty with your lover when you are out and about. Send naughty messages or even sext to let them know what is on your mind. This will keep your lover intrigued and aroused before you even hit the sack!

Change Your Routine
If you and your lover always use the same two positions, hump until orgasm, and then roll over and fall asleep, you will probably get a little bored. So, you got to keep your routine fresh and exciting! So try some new positions, or pleasure your lover with oral all night! Try masturbating together or having sex in the shower or kitchen! Even if you have been together for a long time, there are plenty of ways to spice things up.
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Indulge Fantasies
Not only will indulging your sexual fantasies make sex more exciting, but it can lead to more intense pleasure! Fulfilling your desires can be erotically satisfying for both you and your lover. Have an open conversation about trying bondage and BDSM, roleplay, or other kinky fantasy you have in mind! There are so many different things for you to try, so think about what sounds sexiest to you!

Be Spontaneous
Shake things up with spontaneously sexy acts! Hop in the shower with your partner and surprise them with morning sex! Come up from behind and unexpectedly whisper in their ear all the naughty things you want to do to them. Lounge on the couch in something naughty and wait for your partner to get home and take you where you lay! Being spontaneous is all about feeling good and living in the moment, so when the moment strikes, show your lover what you are in the mood for!

Use Toys
Sex toys are perfect for keeping a long-term relationship thrilling in the bedroom! Vibrators can be used during foreplay and sex to help her orgasm. Cock rings can help him last longer and achieve a harder erection! Body wands are perfect for sexy massages and bondage items are ideal for fulfilling your kinkiest desires. There are also more advanced restraints, sex swings, electrosex toys, strap ons, penis extensions, and many other kinds of toys! Plus, there will always be something new to bring into the bedroom.

Best Sex Toys To Keep Things Hot In The Bedroom

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12 Piece Tie Up Kit

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