How To Sext

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Just about everyone is into texting. It’s convenient, easy, and private! So it’s no small wonder that sexting has also become very popular and common. Not only is it a way to be secretly naughty with your lover, but it is a way to connect sexually when you can’t be together. Plus, it can be fun and super hot. If you want to have an erotic sexting session with your partner, check out these tips!

Be Discreet / Get Consent
The most important aspects of sexting are that it is conducted in private and your partner is up for it! Send your lover a text, but don’t be overly lewd at first. If your lover isn’t in the mood, a graphic message might bother them. They might be too busy to get into it. Start off by asking your partner if they would enjoy hearing a sexy fant
Sexy Woman On Phone
asy of yours, or simply tell them how much you want them in a subtly sexy way. When they respond, you’ll know if it’s okay to continue or if you should save it for another time!

Start Off Flirty
As mentioned above, it’s not the best practice to start off too intensely. Like all sexual play, warm-up is essential. You don’t want to bombard your lover with obscenely sexual commentary rather you should build up to the sexy scenes so both your and their arousal increases together. It’s a lot more fun to take it slow and steady. Plus, if you rush and get all the hottest stuff out first, you’ll run out of things to day! Avoid awkward, fizzled out sexting.

Be Specific
Sexting should be unrehearsed and unique to the person you are messaging! So make sure they know it’s about them. Describe the features you love most about your partner while you sext and add in things you know will drive them crazy! Your partner will revel in the specifics. If you are specifically describing fantasies, it’s great to be a little more creative, but make sure you are still trying to please your partner in this fantasy!

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Take Turns
Don’t dominate the conversation! Allow your partner to also describe what they would like to do to you or how they feel when you say all those naughty things. It’s sexy to give AND receive, and you will enjoy reading the responses from your partner as much as you will enjoy driving them crazy with your kinky sexts! Describe an action and let your lover reciprocate before continuing. It will be a lot more satisfying for the both of you!

Send Pictures
A great way to enhance the whole experience is to add visuals! If you trust your partner enough to have such photos for you, snap a few sexy photos or show off your naughty bits to really set your lover on edge. Get the O-K before you send those raunchy images (it would be terrible for the both of you to send them at an inopportune time!) but once you got the go-ahead, dazzle your lover with the irresistible sight of you in your birthday suit.

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