5 Ways To Stimulate Her G-Spot

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Do you want to stimulate your lover’s G-spot during sex?  There are many ways and positions to give her the intense sexual satisfaction she seeks!  So follow this guide to learn the best tips and tricks to stimulating her G-spot!

Where is the G-Spot?
The G-spot is located on the upper part of her vaginal wall, typically 2-3 inches in.  It is a slightly rough patch that is typically easier to detect after the woman has had a few orgasms.  If you want to stimulate her G-spot, why not make her cum a few times first?

1. Fingering
Fingering is probably one of the easiest ways for you to stimulate her G-spot because fingers are far more capable of bending than a penis.  Curve your finger in a ‘come hither’ motion and insert a couple of fingers into her vagina.  Feel for that rough patch and ask her how it feels there.  If you focus on this spot, it can give her intense pleasure and explosive G-spot orgasms!  You can also stimulate her clit (digitally, orally, or with a toy) to help her achieve a blended orgasm.

2. Missionary with Knees Back
This is a great sex position for G-spot stimulation!  With her knees back, it will be easier for you to hit her G-spot at the right angle.  If you love missionary and tend to use this position, this is also a great way to spice it up and to enjoy more unique sensations!  Remember that the G-spot is located about 2-3 inches in the vagina, so incredibly deep stimulation is not necessary!
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3. Doggy Style
Doggy style can be a surprisingly impressive way to stimulate the G-spot.  From behind, he can apply more direct pressure to her G-spot, thus making it more likely she will orgasm.  There is also more friction, so at the very least, it will feel great!  Plus, you can lean forward, back, and change your angle until you hit her hotspot.

4. Missionary with Pillows
Place a few pillows under her hips before sex to get a better angle of her G-spot.  This position hoists her hips up making it easier to stimulate her G-spot.  She can also easily hold her legs back and you have plenty of leverage for shallow and ultra-stimulating penetration.

5. Reverse Cowgirl
Reverse Cowgirl is another position that is surprisingly good for G-spot stimulation!  She sits on your penis while facing your feet and she can lean forward and control the pace of some shallow but incredible penetrative strokes.  Since she’s on top, she will be able to more easily adjust the position and angle for optimal G-spot stimulation.

Best Toys For G-Spot Stimulation

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This dual-stimulating vibe is perfect for women who crave G-spot or blended orgasms! It has a bulbous tip for pinpoint G-spot massage and a textured, clit-tickling base to heighten pleasure.  It also has multi-speed vibrations for you to enjoy!



Rose G-Spot Vibe

G-Spot Stimulation VibeThis long vibrator is firm and great for stimulating your G-spot. It has a bulbous tip to heighten stimulation and strong, multi-speed vibrations. This massager is also great for clit stimulation! It's smooth to the touch and perfectly angled for pinpoint pleasure.

Grace G-Spot Vibe

Mini G-Spot MassagerThis mini vibrator is perfectly curved for pinpoint G-spot stimulation! It is firm, discreet, and easy to use! It has a lighted tip so you never lose the toy, even when playing in the dark. It's also great for clit stimulation!

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