3 Ways To Masturbate Together

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Masturbating with your partner is a great way to shake up your sexual routine! It’s fun, sexy, and oh-so satisfying to see your lover tease and please themselves in ways only they know how! You also might learn a thing or two. So, what are the best ways to masturbate with your partner? Here are 3 sensual suggestions!

1. Face-To-Face
The first way you can masturbate with your lover is to simply sit or lean back so you are facing one another and go at it! Bare yourself to your lover and let them see all the sexy things you do to get yourself off! This is also a great way for your partner to learn what you like, as well as an opportunity for you to see what your partner likes. You can use what you learn when you have foreplay or sex!

Sexy Woman Masturbating

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2. Watch Porn
While the idea of sharing a pornography session with your partner can seem daunting, it really is fun! If you can get over the feelings of initial embarrassment, you and your lover can start exploring a whole new world of porn together! You’ll learn what your partner is into and get to share an extremely erotic and arousing occasion. You get two sexy scenes to watch: one on the screen, and the other beside you! What could be hotter than that?

3. Use Toys
Using sex toys can really enhance the experience for you and your lover. Not only do toys offer varied and more intense stimulation, but it’s really incredibly arousing to watch your lover, say, stoke himself with a masturbator or witness your partner ride a dildo to orgasm. It’s not just pleasurable and satisfying, but also an amazing way to spice things up if your bedroom play has been a little dull lately. So grab your favorite toy (or pick up some new ones!) and show your lover what you got!

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Vibrating Nipple TeasersFor her or him, these nipple clamps are totally kinky and ultra satisfying!  The non-pinching, adjustable tips make this stimulator perfect for any toy user.  It offers intense multi-speed vibrations that are independently controlled.  You and your lover can use this toy together!

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