The Most Intimate Sex Positions

Intimacy is an important part of a sexual relationship and refers to a couple’s romantic and loving connection to one another.  While any sex position can be intimate when a couple is in love and cares for one another, there are certainly some sex positions that are seemingly more intimate than others.  Here are the most intimate sex positions.


sex missionary positionMISSIONARY:  When people think of intimate missionary always comes to mind first.  Why?  Well, because in this position you are facing your lover, can look directly at each other, kiss, caress and are overall directly on top of one another.  The position can be done with either the woman or the man on top, but when the man is on top the position tends to be a little more intimate as she can wrap her legs right around her partner.


sex positions tipsWOMAN ON TOP:  While you can also do the female-on-top missionary position, the standard woman on top position still offers intimacy and a very nice visual for the man.  The female simply crawls on top and rides the male.  This position does provide the option of sliding into different positions, like the standard woman-on-top missionary, or bending backward, or getting up onto one’s feet for deeper penetration. 


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sex position sex tips SITTING:  This is a very under-utilized position where the woman sits atop the man, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his back, or simply relaxed at his sides.  It can be done on the bed, the floor or even a chair.  The idea is that the couple is face to face, and he has full access to caress her body, they can kiss and look into each other’s eyes, and as the woman is in control, the sex typically is a slower pace, which also builds intimacy.  A nice variation is when the man sits on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor, and the woman sits on top of him there.


side saddle sex position couplesSIDE SADDLE:  This position is a very good one for pregnant women as well as couple’s who may not have as much flexibility as others.  The female lays on her side and places one leg between his legs as he sits in a straddle position.  The other leg goes up to one side, and lays on his thigh.  The female can then continue to lie sideways, or pivot onto her back.  In this position eye contact can be made and both partners can reach each other for some erotic fondling and other stimulation. 


sex positions for couples intimateTHE SPIDER: While it may not sound intimate, the Spider is a great position for maintaining eye contact and allowing the couple to connect visually, as well as easily transition to other positions.  It takes a bit of dexterity for the woman, as she will be on her feet and her arms and basically scoot herself onto her partner while he leans back on his arms, maintaining an upright position.  The woman then pushes herself onto her partner (and her partner can assist by bucking up into her) and a slow and sensual ride will transpire.  If possible, the man can lean back against the headboard allowing him access to her body.


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mirror sex position intimate couplesFROM BEHIND IN FRONT OF MIRROR:  While rear entry positions do not necessarily scream “INTIMATE” this one certainly does.  This gives the couple the pleasure of a nice rear entry position but allows both partners to see the expressions on the face of their lover.  When positioned properly, the man will be able to see the breasts and face of his lover, and she will be able to see his face as well.  When you lock eyes in a mirror when having sex and get to see the action and the reaction of each other – well, that is super intimate!


69 oral sex couplesTHE 69: Oral sex IS sex and the 69 is probably the most intimate sex position there is.  When you are positioned at your partner’s genitals at the same time they are positioned at yours and you are locked into a battle of the pleasuring – now that is intimate.  Mutual pleasure is the goal of a 69, and while there are different positions to achieve this, the fact is, you are still wrapped around each other and as close as you can possibly get. 


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