Best Toys For Couples

Sexual enhancement products are great additions to any healthy, sexual relationship.  They can bring some fun and flirty into foreplay, can increase the chances or numbers of orgasms she will have, and can help him to last longer during intercourse.  Oh yes, sex toys are fantastic for all types of couples and there are definitely some great picks.

VIBRATING COCK RINGS:  Probably one of the least expensive, but most widely used couple’s enhancement products are vibrating cock rings.  Cock rings, in and of themselves, are great for helping men last longer in bed by keeping the blood trapped in the penis longer, thereby increasing the strength and longevity of his erection.  Couple’s cock rings often have a vibrating bullet that is positioned to provide clitoral stimulation for her.  The best couple’s cock rings have clitoral stimulators that mimic a dual action toy with specially made vibrating stimulators.  The combination of the cock ring for him and the extra stimulation for her definitely makes these little rings wonderful additions to sex.


Passionate Couples Sexual Intercourse Embrace With Sex Toys

LOVE SWINGS:  Put the love swing under the category of “kinky and fabulous fun.” Sex swings come in a variety of styles and price ranges, but the basic concept and design is the same:  a “swing” that either hangs freely or over a door jamb that provides a unique suspended experience for the partner in the swing (usually the female).  There are footholds as well as places to hold on during the experience.  The swing provides easy access as well as an element of restraint that is very appealing to many couples. 

BONDAGE GEAR:  Bondage play is something that many couples enjoy, and it is most definitely a couple’s experience.  Whether the bondage gear is simple like blindfolds and a few restraints, or full-on with spreader bars, bondage tape and ball gags – the fact is that experimenting with bondage play brings a whole new dimension to a couple’s sexual play.  Bondage and restraint is very intimate and requires a great deal of trust for both partners, which can be a relationship strengthening exercise.  It also can awaken different urges in both partners as far as being more Dominant or submissive.  Beginner’s bondage kits offer a little taste of the experience without a huge financial investment – so look for what appeals to you.  Whatever you choose, bondage activities are fun, erotic and downright different.


ANAL ITEMS:  Anal sex can be a nice addition to standard sex play AND can be for the female or the male in the couple.  Anal plugs, vibrators and beads bring a new level of pleasure to the party.  For men, being anally stimulated with a plug or prostate massager can really excite the pleasure possibilities.  For women, anal pleasure can be combined with vaginal stimulation with a Double Penetration (both vaginal and anal entrances stimulated by fingers, toys or penis) for an intense experience that he is sure to enjoy as well, no matter what entrance he has the pleasure of using.  Strap-on dildos can be fun for those couples who want to take anal penetration of the male to the top level by allowing the female to dominate him anally in bed.  No matter what the choice, anal toys and stimulators are sure to bring you and your partner closer together.

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