Best Quickie Sex Positions

Ahhhh, the quickie, used by couples all over the world to get their freak on in a hurry!  Quickies are named such because they have all the hearts-and-flowers and long-foreplay removed and are simply down and dirty, quick and hot sex.  Quickies are a fun addition to any sexual relationship and can be extremely erotic.  However, what are some of the best sex positions for a quickie?  Obviously, some work better than others.

Discreet and Portable Vibrators

BEND OVER BABY:  The first rule of a quickie is that you usually do not have time to take off all your clothes – or even some of them.  You have enough time to get your sex on.   A very easy and popular position is the woman bent slightly over (perhaps a sink, chair or even just outside in an alley).  The man pulls down her pants and panties (or lifts her skirt) and just pushes her downward to enter from behind.  It is fast and hot!  Wanna make it even MORE hot?  Don’t remove her panties, just move them over to the side.


quickie sex tipsTAKE A SEAT:  Fast and to the point, this position involves 2 things:  the man to sit down (chair, couch, bench) and the woman sits atop him (facing toward him or away) and simply grinds to a blissful orgasm for both!  There is no need to take off any clothing unless she is wearing pants. Just remove what is necessary and take a seat!

AGAINST A WALL:  If you find this position something you feel you can achieve it is definitely worth a shot the next time you are aching for a quickie.  IF you are a flirty gal and don’t wear panties out with your man, then this is ideal for sure.  The man simply lifts the woman up and presses her between himself and a wall, entering her.  She wraps her legs around him and holds on to him around his neck. 


PERFECT PERCH:  If your quickie happens to be occurring in a bathroom at a restaurant or a party then this is the PERFECT position for you!  The woman perches herself on the counter or sink and the man stands in front of her and just slides in.  It is intimate, yet erotic, and the height is absolutely delicious for penetration.  For a unique twist, she can sit on the hood or trunk of his car. 


LEG UP:  A variation of the “Against a Wall” position, this involves the woman having her leg up on something stable (like a sink, table, counter) or being held by her lover, and the man entering her while facing her. This position may work better for some couples, especially if the female partner is larger and cannot be lifted easily.

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