Best Sex Toys For Advanced Users

If you are an avid sex toy user, then you are considered an “advanced user.”  This means, simply, that you understand the different types of toys, the materials they are made from, the functions they employ, as well as what is the best toy for you for ultimate pleasure.  Advanced users are often looking to press the limits a bit, find more powerful toys with more intense power.  Here are a list of 5 toys for advanced users.


TRIPLE STIMULATORS:  Vibrators come in 3 types:  single vibrator (one vibrating shaft), Dual Action (internal stimulation AND external, clitoral stimulation), and Triple Stimulators (internal stimulation, external stimulation AND anal stimulation).  Triple stimulators are extremely intense because all of the possible stimulations are embraced.  There are a variety of types of Triple Stimulators – some with long anal stimulators and others with shorter ones.  The vibration styles differ as well, but the overall idea is the same:  to stimulate in three ways simultaneously. Definitely not for newbies.

Add a toy during sex to simulate triple stimulation


Women In Bed Orgasm SexELECTRO-SEX:  Electro-sex toys are the new up and coming variety in sexual enhancement items.  Using electrical pulses to provide erotic charges, electro-sex toys are definitely for the more advanced and adventurous.  Imagine the sensation on your tongue when you lick the end of a battery – that slight jolt! Now, imagine the same jolt directly on your nipples, balls, clitoris or pretty much anyone else on your body that could use some stimulation.  Electro-sex is a different type of sensation and requires some adjustment as well as a willingness to explore the more intense side of pleasure. 

LARGE DILDOS / VIBRATORS:  Sometimes you do not need a bunch of other functions to make a toy more advanced, but simply make it BIGGER.  There are a wide variety of large dildos and vibrators that will stretch you to new and exciting lengths.  Large dildos are often wider (girth) than a standard toy – over 1 ½ inches – as well as longer – over 7 inches insertable length.  Larger toys provide more intense internal stimulation because as the vaginal walls expand to accept the toy inside, the G-spot becomes more prominent and receives more direct stimulation.  Also, the ultimate feeling of being stretched and “filled” can be very erotic and intense.


MAGIC WANDS:  There is a whole line of magic wand – or Hitachi Wand style – massagers that are, definitely, the most intense vibrations available. The claim to fame of a magic wand massager is the padded “marshmallow looking” end which provides very, very intense and super strong vibrations over a large area.  When placed on the vaginal area, the entire surface of the pad vibrates, which often provides incredibly strong vibrations to not only the clitoris but the entire vaginal area.  Definitely not for any new user who is not used to vibrations nor for any user who does not do well with intense and precise stimulation.  However, if you enjoy strong vibrations then this is definitely a toy to try!

Lust is a powerful, compact wand & it's a Pink B.O.B. office favorite


ANAL STIMULATORS:  It comes as no surprise for anal stimulation to fall under “advanced players” because, quite frankly, not everyone enjoys or even tries anal stimulation.  The fear of it supersedes the pleasure it delivers.  However, if you are an advanced toy player than you likely have experimented with some anal stimulation.  So now it is time to step it up!  If you have tried anal beads, then move on up to anal plugs!  If you have tried plugs, try vibrating plugs.  If your partner has not tried anal stimulation, then perhaps a prostate massager is in line for him to give a shot.  Anal stimulation is intense but oh, so pleasing and can add that very special extra layer of enjoyment to your sex play!

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