What Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

Ahh sex.  That wonderful, erotic, sexy and fun experience between two persons who are attracted to each other.  Contrary to what some people may believe, sex is not something that is the same between all couples, it doesn’t always “come naturally,” some people are better lovers than others, and not everyone knows “everything” about sex.  While the learning curve is something to be expected, there are some things that men wish women knew about sex!  Here are the top 6.


 What Women Wish Men Knew About Sex


SEXY SKILLS: Believe it or not, sex (and all things surrounding sex) are SKILLS.  This means that practice can mean perfect!  There is nothing worse than having a lover who really, truly has NO idea what is going on.  Whether we are talking about delivering a stunning blowjob or knowing how to ride her partner, sexual skill is an important part of being an effective lover.  Both men and women really do wish that their partner saw sex as a skill.


MOREPLAY FOREPLAY:  While you may THINK that men are always ready to go, this is not always true. Men need foreplay too!  Kissing, caressing, dry humping, blowjobs – all very important parts of foreplay.  Foreplay helps a man get ready for sex, increases arousal, and emotionally connects him to his partner.  Know your partner’s “hot spots” for maximum effect.  Take the time to figure out whether he likes earlobe nibbling, soft caressing, or just the direct oral sex route.  Make blowjobs an important part of sex.  Really.  Do it.


Couple In Bed Laughing SexyBEST THE BJ:  It should be common sense, really, that men love blowjobs.  However, you CAN give a bad blowjob!  This is where it is important to remember that sex is a skill and that you should take the time and effort to LEARN the skill.  Men want women to know that while they love the BJ they would rather take a pass then have a bad one.  In fact, bad blowjobs can be an incredible TURN OFF.  So, if you want to be good in bed and give a man what he wants and needs, becoming a closer couple with hot sex, then LEARN how to give a good blowjob!






Tempt Her To Give You Head


BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT:  The more you move and interact during sex, the more a man likes it!  Just lying there without any confirmation that you are enjoying sex with him is a huge turn off for him.  He wants to know that his kisses, touches and sexy moves make you desire him and are bringing you pleasure!  He wants you to express your desire and your pleasure by moaning, wiggling, pulling his hair, thrusting your hips and just generally being an active partner during sex!


PLEASURING YOU IS IMPORTANT:  There is a misconception that men are all about their OWN pleasure, but this is not true.  Most men will get off MORE if you get off! When a man experiences your pleasure – your orgasm – they derive a lot of pleasure.  This idea will go hand in hand with the idea of being an active participant.  When the woman shows expresses her pleasure, it fuels the man’s desire to make her orgasm, and in turn feeds his OWN pleasure as well.


SOMETIMES WE ARE NOT IN THE MOOD:  Finally, and maybe most shockingly, men want women to know that they are not always in the mood for sex!  This is true – believe it!  Men are slaves to their emotions, to being tired or sick, or just having instances where they are not desiring sex.  This is OK and it is NORMAL.  It is important that women realize that sex for a man is more than just sex – and that there are many factors that should be considered when it comes to his engagement.  If a man is not in the mood it is not something to panic about – but simply should be accepted and understood.  Men need nights off too – even if this is a rare occurrence.

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