What Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

For as long as women have been gossiping about their relationships they have been comparing notes on what they wish their men knew about sex!  Over cocktails and dinners women spew out the things that they feel men should instinctively KNOW about sex.  Some things are obvious, and some not so plain and simple.  In short, there are many things that we women wish the men in our lives knew about sex, and here are just a few.

What Men Wish You Knew About Sex

WE LIKE SEX – A LOT: Somewhere over the years men have gotten the impression that women don’t really like sex, but they do it in order to “keep a man.”  Let me be the first to tell you that this is 100% bunk!  Women DO like sex!  We also like sex for sex’s sake too – not just as a way to fall or be in love.  Women can have sex without attachment, we can have sex with multiple partners, and we can even have kinky sexual experiences just because we like sex.  So, if your woman tells you that she likes sex, don’t think it is some man-trap meant to coerce you into a relationship, she just may really like sex!


WE HAVE THINGS WE NEED TO DO PRE AND POST SEX:  You may want to surprise attack us into having sex on the fly – and you may want us to fall asleep blissfully in your arms post sex – and wonder why we hit the bathroom before and after sex.  Three little letters: UTI.  Urinary tract infections are NOT fun and they are NOT sexy.  In order to help avoid this foul little visitor, we need to pee before sex if possible and DEFINITELY post sex.  We like to cuddle with you too, believe you me, but we really need to pee post sex and pre-cuddle.  Deal with it.


Man Woman Couple In Bed SexySEX TOYS ARE NOT YOUR COMPETITION:  We like our vibrators – we LOVE your penis!  Just because we have a vibrator – or 5 – in our nightstand drawers, or, if we bring one to bed with us it has nothing to do with your ability to pleasure us.  We just enjoy our little buzzing buddies too – and sometimes want to introduce you to the magical fun of sex toys.



AN ORGASM IS GREAT – MORE THAN ONE IS FANTASTIC:  So, you are going down on your lovely lady, she has an orgasm.  You wait for the panting to stop and then you move on.  What?  Whoa there buddy, where ya going?  She had one orgasm!  You know, she can probably have more than one! Stay down there a little longer, give her a shot at having more than one orgasm!  Yes, it is great that you gave her the first one –bravo to you, really – but she can maybe have a few more.  Now don’t you want to do that for her?  I know you do!


OUR CLITORIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR BFF:  You would think by now men would understand the importance of the female clitoris, but yet, some still do not.  Not only that but they do not understand where it is, exactly, or how to pleasure it.  The clitoris is the epicenter of female pleasure, and is the equivalent of the male penis.  Ahhh, now you get it.  Furthermore, we have specific ways we like to be pleasured.  Watch us.  Pay attention to how we rub our clitoris, how fast or slow we do it, how much pressure we use – study us as we pleasure ourselves.  Make our clitoris your best friend!


FOREPLAY IS A MUST MOST TIMES:  Women do not get aroused in the exact same way as a man, we require a little more stimulation.  This means FOREPLAY!  We love to kiss, and touch and have a lot of direct stimulation through oral or fingering or both.  Foreplay ensures that we will be in ultimate arousal state, which also means we will be lubricated and our bodies will be riper for sex and more likely to climax!  While we do enjoy a quickie now and then – who doesn’t – ultimately, we do need a little foreplay to get our engines purring right!
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