5 Positions To Help You Orgasm TOGETHER

While an orgasm is an orgasm, it is a really fun and satisfying thing to actually orgasm together!  This is not an easy feat – timing mutual orgasms – but it can be done, especially if your partner (woman) can have multiple orgasms.  There are various tricks to achieving this and certain positions will definitely up the chances that you and your man can be screaming each other’s names at the same time!

1.  69:  Oral sex is an activity with a very high incidence of producing orgasm for both men and women.  The direct stimulation of the most sensitive spot is key in achieving orgasm.  The 69 position – or simultaneous oral sex – offers the best of both worlds!  You get to give oral sex to your partner while he gives oral sex to you.  It is a position that allows you to set the pace and gauge when the other is going to orgasm. 
This way, you can focus your attention, speed, depth and use all your best orgasm-rendering tricks right when you want them based on how close you are to your own orgasm.

2.  POWER PLAY:  No surprise that men enjoy when their woman is on top for the main event.  As visual creatures, men love to watch their partner bump, grind and bounce on them giving herself pleasure with their most sacred part.  The beauty of the woman on top when it comes to simultaneous orgasm is that she can control the speed and movement based on his cues and he can offer some clitoral stimulation to speed her up if necessary.  With the right movements and speed she can bring herself off with him following suit.  How sweet it is!

3.  MASTERFUL MASTURBATION:  If your goal really is to get each other off together, then sometimes mutual masturbation is the way to go.  You can do this many ways and in many positions, but ultimately the one that allows you most comfortably to stimulate each other is the way to go.  Then, simply do what feels good while your partner follows along.  Usually, you can both tell when you are getting close and the other partner can speed up or focus his / her attention based on those cues.  Then, when you are both ready to explode, concentrate on the most stimulating strokes to get each other off.

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4.  MISSION MUTUAL BLAST OFF:  The traditional, man-on-top missionary position can be the perfect position for simultaneous orgasms.  Why?  Well, it is a good position for the man because he can set the pace, get deep penetration and watch his woman enjoy him.  The woman can arch herself to get clitoral penetration from his pubic arch, she can rub her clit if necessary, and she can look into her lover’s eyes and hold him close – very intimate.  Then, just make sure you get yourself all amped up and close for when he is ready to explode and then you can cross over together in perfect harmony.  Mission accomplished!

5.  ONE-TWO PUNCH:  It may seem like no matter what you try you can’t get to that mutual orgasm!  It is not as easy as you may thing – syncing up the pleasure.  One method that shows tremendous results is the one-two punch of blowjob / fingering.  In this position the man lies on the bed and the woman kneels with her butt toward his head. She then gives him oral sex while he can finger and touch her while she is working on him.  The woman can move and wiggle and increase / decrease the depth of fingers and the man can rub her clit and give her pleasure that will also excite him!  Then, when he is about to climax the man can concentrate on the one-two punch of fingers and clitoral stimulation!

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