5 Tips For Stronger Kegel Muscles

Your PC (Pubococcygeus) muscles or your Kegel muscles are the muscles that help support the pelvic floor, uterus, rectum and bladder.  The Kegel muscles also contract when you have an orgasm and having stronger Kegel muscles is essential not only for good feminine health but also aids in having stronger and more frequent orgasms.  In short, every woman should be doing her Kegel exercises – and I mean EVERY woman – not just those in their 40s or older.  You should start doing Kegels in your 20s and continue until the day you can’t squeeze the muscle any longer.
Note:  Men who sleep with women who do regular Kegels notice that their vaginas are tighter and that their orgasm contractions are stronger.

1.  STANDARD CLENCHES:  The easiest and most accepted way to strengthen your Kegels is to do, well, Kegel exercises.  You need to contract, hold and release your Kegel muscles and repeat.  I mean REPEAT!  The muscle is the same one that starts and stops the flow of urine, so if you are unsure of what it feels like, try stopping urine flow.  Otherwise, you can do these ANYWHERE – sitting up, lying down, even walking.  Whenever you have a moment to sit – do them.  Simply contract the muscle UP (feel it tighten), hold for a few seconds, then release.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  There is no “minimum” or “maximum” expected each day – but like any exercise involving muscles, the more you do it, the stronger it becomes!

2.  SQUEEZE YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE:  If you want to do your Kegels at a time that will benefit YOU and give your main man a little thrill, do it during sex!  Doesn’t matter what position you are in – simply SQUEEZE your PC muscles around his penis while he’s inside you.  You can practice squeezing the muscle from the top to bottom or the bottom to top.  This will give your man a sort of “milking” sensation that will impress him while it benefits you.

3.  OH BALLS!:  Ben Wa Balls have been around since the ages of ancient China, when Geisha girls were trained to be able to give the most amount of pleasure to their partners.  The Chinese knew that strong PC muscles would be beneficial to the Geisha, so they invented Burmese Balls, now known as Ben Wa balls.  There are many different types of balls to choose from, mostly solid or slightly weighted.  You place them up into your vagina and clench your PC muscles around them in a manner that doesn’t allow them to fall out of the vagina.  They can be somewhat pleasurable as well, some women reporting having internal orgasms during their use!

5 Ways To Use Kegel Balls For Pleasure

4.  KEGEL BARBELLS:  A step up from Ben Wa balls are Kegel barbells.  These are weighted, well, vaginal barbells that you insert into your vagina and clench.  Since the barbell is one piece it will help to strengthen all of the PC muscles from base to entry.  Kegel barbells can be used while standing up – creating a greater need to clench since gravity will want to pull the barbell down.  There are different sizes and weights to choose from.  Some can double as a dildo as well so you can add pleasure to your exercise routine!

5.  ORGASM ASSISTANCE:  Since the PC muscles are the ones that contract during orgasm and since contraction and release of these muscles is a great way to exercise them it stands to reason that having more orgasms will help to strengthen these muscles!  Whether you are having them solo or with a partner; with toys or during sex – and orgasm is an orgasm is a contraction!  So in combination with the other suggested exercises, having orgasms is a great way to work those muscles.

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