These 3 Things Will Spice Up Sex!

Doesn’t everyone want to have great sex?  You know what I mean, super, duper ROCKING sex!  Sex that makes you want to have a cigarette after even if you don’t smoke!  Sex that makes you go, “WOW, that was amazing!”  Sex that goes on your list of “10 best sexual experiences of my life!”  Yes, I think it is obvious; we all want to have amazing sex!  But if you want to turn up the heat in your bedroom, you are going to have to spice it up a little!  So, here are three things that will spice up sex!


USE ALL YOUR SENSES:  Sex is an intimate expression of lust and love which can employ ALL our senses:  sight, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling.  If you have sex that uses ALL of these senses, sex will be so much better!  

TOUCH:  This means touch her/him ALL over!  Use your sense of touch to not only explore each other but to feel explored!
TASTE:  Enjoy the saltiness of his skin, the sweetness of her vaginal fluids – use the sense of taste to enhance what you feel.
SIGHT:  Sight is obvious – enjoy the sight of your lover’s body, enjoy that intimate expression you are both sharing.  Undress slowly and entice your lover’s sense of sight.  Make it a slow tease.
SMELL:  Breathe him/her in! Enjoy how your lover smells – whether it be a perfume or cologne or their natural odor.  The genitals of both men and women smell delightful – so take a big whiff and enjoy!
HEARING:  With sex there is so much to hear from the moans of your lover when you kiss or touch them to the naughty talk that you know turns you on!  Use your sense of hearing to become further engaged in your sex act!
CHANGE LOCATIONS:  If you are a couple who are glued to the bedroom for sex – take it out of the bedroom!  There are so many locations in your house – or out of your house – that make sex an amazing experience!  Why not get busy on your couch like when you used to date?  Or, utilize your kitchen table for activities not usually done in the kitchen?  Perhaps go outside and do it under the stars (providing you have some privacy!)  Find places and opportunities that can vamp up your sex by providing a new and enticing sexual experiences that you have never tried (or have not done since you were first dating!)  Getting out of the bedroom makes the entire world your sexual playground and adds more than a touch of excitement and danger to your sex life!  This also provides opportunities to get into more creative positions as well!  You may just find a new favorite while you are doing it on the stairs or find yourself bouncing around on the trampoline outside!  Yep, get off the bed and do it somewhere else instead!
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CREATE A MOOD:  One thing that is very important to remember is to create a mood that is conducive to good sex!  This means:  forget all the drama, issues, worries and thoughts that are swarming around in your head.  You need to enjoy your sexual time with your partner without worrying about whether you paid the credit card bill this morning.  You need to be present, in the moment, in mind, body and spirit.  This also means to create an aura of sexuality with yourself and your partner.  Be confident and sexy! Physically set the mood by dimming the lights and lighting incense or candles.  Be ready and waiting from the moment your lover enters the room by wearing something slinky and revealing.  Turn on some music you know will turn your partner on.  By preparing a spot for your hot, intimate sex, your lover will get the idea pretty quickly and will become aroused.  Setting the mood is the perfect way to begin an evening of wild sex!
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