3 Tips To Have MORE INTENSE Orgasms

Ah, the orgasm!  The culmination of sexual stimulation resulting in an extremely pleasurable release of hormones, contraction of muscles and a feeling of ultimate pleasure!  Orgasms are “the goal” of sexual stimulation – even though the stimulation in and of itself feels amazing.  There are a few tried and true methods to increase the intensity of your orgasm.  Here they are:

1.  INTERNAL / EXTERNAL:   Most women (85% or more) require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm.  Many women can’t orgasm with internal stimulation alone.  However, when you add internal stimulation (via a finger / fingers / toy / penis)
AND have the requisite clitoral stimulation the orgasm is much more intense than if you use just one or the other.  Providing internal stimulation massages all your internal pleasure spots while also causing the clitoris to engorge more fully with blood.  So, when you have both types of stimulation simultaneously your orgasm will be much more thorough and, yes, intense.

2.  DELAY THE MOMENT:  Most of the time we are driven to go for the O!  Meaning, once we feel it getting closer we put all our effort into getting over the hump!  Or, if we are with a partner and he/she can tell we are close they strive for the goal as well!  The thing is, when you delay the moment – as in, get close and then slow down – the orgasm you DO have will be so much more intense!  Also, the ride TO the orgasm will be much more pleasurable.  When we stimulate ourselves sexually, women get tingly and their bodies become totally alive with sensation.  Then, if allowed to get close to orgasm and then to come down from the precipice just to go back up again – the feeling becomes overwhelmingly intense!  Finally, when allowed to release the orgasm is such a powerful release that it is like having multiples!  Who wouldn’t want that?

3 Tricks That Promote Stimulation

3:  FULL BLADDER:  OK, so this one may sound a little bit strange, but it is completely true.  When a woman has a full bladder her orgasm will be much more intense.  Why?  The bladder is right above the vaginal canal, specifically near the G-Spot. When the bladder is full, it pushes the G-Spot down so that it can be more easily stimulated during penetration.  Also, a full bladder pushes down on portions of the vaginal canal, making penetrative sex feel much fuller.  Therefore, the sensation of penetration is felt moreso with a full bladder and there is a greater chance of G-Spot stimulation as well!  Don’t worry though, the chance of urinating during sex is pretty low.

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